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Larry Brown assembling his team?

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports of more smoke on the Larry Brown situation. With the Bobcats facing elimination tonight, this story is likely to continue to build up steam.

The lack of progress coming from the Sixers about a coaching search is only adding fuel to the fire.  Jeff Van Gundy had been rumored to be Stefanski's top choice, but reports have been coming out that he is not looking to get back into coaching. Byron Scott and Doug Collins have both been linked to other coaching vacancies, neither of whom being seriously talked about with regards to the Sixers vacancy.

According to Wojnarowski, Charlotte is running under the assumption that Larry Brown will be elsewhere next year:


Charlotte considers the chances of Brown staying as "minimal at this point," one league source said. "They’re proceeding like they’ll be looking for a new coach."

Brown is angling to take the Philadelphia 76ers’ presidency, and has targeted Washington Wizards front office executive Milt Newton as his general manager and the Atlanta Hawks’ Mike Woodson as coach, sources said.

Last year, when Cheeks was fired and Eddie Jordan was still available, it was viewed as a near foregone conclusion that Jordan would be Stefanski's man. With the smoke coming from the Brown camp, nobody vouching for Ed Stefanski's job security, and the delay in a serious coaching search, is Brown returning to Philadelphia a near foregone conclusion?  Is the question not if Brown comes backs, but in what capacity?

Link: Yahoo Sports