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Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Boy, You Make Me Link So Good

Even Mase is excited to see who becomes the next Sixers coach.  Could he be pointing at his favorite candidate?  We'll never know.
Even Mase is excited to see who becomes the next Sixers coach. Could he be pointing at his favorite candidate? We'll never know.

Hey Mike B, what you know about goin out?  Head west, red lex, TV's all up in the headrest.  East, west, every state, come on bury the hate.  The number one pick, the only thing we in a hurry to take.

The links are officially back in the place to be gentle-folks.  A hard drive crash, trip to the Apple Store, a free 100 GB upgrade, and a chocolate chip Pop-Tart later we are back in bidness.

It is the offseason and since the playoffs are still going on and teams, you know, actually have something to play for and excite their fans about a championship (must feel nice), Sixers news has been as scarce as a bad LOST episode.  We do, however, have some linkage regarding who the next Sixers coach may be.  On with it!

Sixers Waiting for Larry Brown

According to multiple sources, the 76ers will almost certainly contact coach Larry Brown after the Charlotte Bobcats are eliminated from the playoffs. In the 10 days since Jordan's firing, the organization has been in the preliminary stages of the coaching search, slowed because many likely candidates are still involved in the playoffs, with several serving as assistant coaches on contending teams.

"I love coaching. I'm [almost] 70 years old. I want to coach for Michael Jordan. That's where I'm at. I'm happy here. It's no fun being away from my family and Shelly. That's always going to be the case. But I love what I'm doing."

More Larry Brown Speculation

The Sixers will likely discuss their coaching vacancy with Brown, who this season led the Bobcats to their first-ever playoff appearance, but it's possible that the Sixers also could discuss a front-office position, according to the same sources.

Ed Stefanski is still the president and general managers for the Sixers. But he is also the guy that handcuffed this franchise with the Elton Brand contract and hired failed coach Eddie Jordan last year. There have been rumors for a long time that Stefanski is at risk of being fired.

Can We Cross Doug Collins Off the List?

Doug Collins couldn't get a bite from the 76ers when their coaching job was open last summer, but he has - according to a source familiar with the situation - drawn interest now from the New Orleans Hornets.

Doug Collins is one of the least attractive coaching candidates for me so this news makes me at the very least a little comfortable with the Sixers search for a new headmaster.

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Shawn Marion Believes Series is Over, or Has Bad Grammar (join the club)

"I don't see no fat lady."  --Dallas forward Shawn Marion, after his team fell behind San Antonio 3-1 in their best-of-seven series. Most of the rest of us, however, see her in the wings ready to take center stage.

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