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Season in Review: Rodney Carney

During Rodney's second go-around with the Sixers, he was inconsistent at best. Mostly because he's an inconsistent player, but partly because he was receiving inconsistent minutes, in an inconsistent role, from an inconsistent coach. Some nights I'd wonder, "Why in the world doesn't this guy see more action?" He would rebound well. He'd defend well. He'd shoot well, and stretch the defense. His athleticism would fit right in with what the Sixers were trying to accomplish. Then other nights, he'd play the complete opposite.

I was shocked when I looked at the numbers and saw Carney only shot 30% from beyond this year. I guess it makes sense, considering he shot 20% after the All Star break, while attempting 2+ per game. But he shot 35% last year and 33% for his career. While 33-35% isn't spectacular, it's serviceable for an athletic wing off the bench, and it's much better than 30%. 

Other things Rodney does a decent job of: man-to-man defense, can defend three positions, runs the fast break, and defensive rebounding. Did you know, Rodney Carney was the Sixers fourth best defensive rebounder this year, behind Dalembert, Speights and Iguodala? 

I've always had a weird infatuation with Carney. Maybe because I'm a sucker for freakish athletes, or still thought there was untapped potential there. Unfortunately, four years into his career, he is what he is. There's still room for improvement, but it's minimal. That said, I think there's a place in this league for Rodney Carney. It might not be with the Sixers, but there's a team out there who could use a versatile, athletic, blue-collar guy, like Carney.

Grade: C

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