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BIG Board #25

The past few votes have been crazy close, which leads me to the conclusion that people are picking based on how similar each player's name is to their own. I see you Derrick Bredsoe. There's still plenty of talent left on the board so let's not let the NFL Draft and Tim Humperdinck Tebow get in the way of our happiness.

While I really, really, really don't want to put him in, I suppose I must stop tailoring to myself and more to the stupid general public, and add Commissioner Gordon Hayward to the ballot. If you don't know him by now, get your head checked because whiteboy is all over the place. What he does well is easy to see. He's got terrific basketball IQ, plays under control and gets his in the flow of the game. Gordo's got good height for a SG/SF but he's light in the cakes and his babyface won't fly in the NBA unless he puts on some serious muscle. His silky smooth jump shot is a thing of beauty when he has some space and he can release it pretty quickly even if he's getting draped.

A good-looking NCAA Tournament run has vaulted him into lottery contention, which is criminal on about 5 counts of pedophilia and jump to conclusion mats. He could end up being a nice piece on a good team but he'll end up being a Mike Miller/Rashard Lewis complimentary piece best case scenario. It's all about toughness and aggressiveness with Hayward, and he hasn't shown the ability to go up against bigger, tougher guys and succeed. While somebody will get all excited and jump on him early, I sure as hell hope it's not the Sixers anywhere outside of a mysterious late first. That would certainly be vomit-inducing.

Vote 'er up for the quarter mark and we're closing in on LB Big Board Volume 2, wherein Jordan continues flippy-flopping and I get insulted for thinking DeMarcus Cousins is good.

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