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OperationWTF - Day 3

28 days till the lottery ...

Here's the scenario ESPN's Draft Lottery simulator spit out at me today:


3rd pick and DeMarcus Cousins. It's funny how I've gotten three different scenarios in the first three days. I swear I'm only doing it once per day. Anyway, what do you guys think? Cousins over Favors? Cousins over Johnson? Personally, I'd take Favors every time at three, assuming he didn't go number 2. If Favors went number 2, I'd take Turner at 3. 

According to DX's rankings, these are the guys who'd be available to the Sixers at 3: Favors, Cousins, Aminu, Aldrich, Davis, Johnson ... The same options as Chad Ford. Again, I'd go Favors, without hesitation. Then I'd run naked down the strip screaming "Derrick! Derrick! Derek?!" Yeah, that'd be a little weird.


Simulation #1: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #2: 7th pick, Aminu 

Simulation #3: 3rd pick, Cousins

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