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Season in Review: Lou Williams

Lou began the season as the Sixers starting point guard, but the experiment failed. Since the day he was drafted, there was hope that he could one day turn into the Sixers starting point guard. Five years later it's not about what Lou can be, it's about what he is -- a scoring guard off the bench. Why isn't he a point guard? He comes from the Allen Iverson mold of, "I get assists and make good passes, so what's the problem?" Well, the problem is, point guards don't simply make good passes, they run the offense. Running an offense is something Lou is incapable of doing, much like most score-first guards who dribble too much.

Lou's defense also leaves much to be desired. However; he made marginal improvements this season, and there's still some room to grow.

As you know, I'm higher on Lou than most. I understand who he is, and what he does. He's the best pure scorer on the Sixers roster. Some nights he's capable of carrying the team offensively, and some nights he's useless. Since he doesn't bring much else to the table -- if he's not scoring -- he's a detriment to the team. I don't expect him to play great defense, and I don't expect him to be a point guard. I expect him to score in bunches, get to the line, and set teammates up for easy baskets -- all while coming off the bench.

3 stats

  1. Lou scored 1.4 points per shot this season. To put that in perspective, LeBron scored 1.48 per shot, Durant scored 1.5 per shot, Steve Nash scored 1.35 per shot, and the best Michael Jordan ever did was 1.46 per shot.
  2. According to Hoop Data 48% of Lou's assists were at the rim, a higher percentage than Jrue Holiday (38%), Andre Iguodala (47%), Andre Miller (41%), Steve Nash (45%), LeBron James (47%), and Chris Paul (36%).
  3. Lou improved from a .398 eFG% on jumpers in 08-09 to .461 in 09-10.
3 improvements
  1. Percentages - 40% FG / 29% Three / 79% FT in 08-09 ... 47% FG / 34% Three / 82% FT in 09-10
  2. Turnovers - 2.8/per 36 in 08-09 ... 2.0/per 36 in 09-10
  3. Defense 
3 regressions
  1. Free throws - 7.2/per 36 in 08-09 ... 4.4/per 36 in 09-10
  2. Points - 19.5/per 36 in 08-09 ... 16.9/per 36 in 09-10
  3. And1% - 4.5% in 08-09 ... 4.0% in 09-10
Grade: B+

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