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Sixers Draft '10: The Need for a Go-to Scorer

General consensus amongst Sixers fans is, the team needs a "superstar", because Andre Iguodala doesn't fit the bill. But is that necessarily true? Does the team need a superstar, or just a go-to scorer? 

An NBA superstar is often a scorer first and everything else second. A superstar also plays on a winning team - specifically a winning team, with a lot of publicity. These are reasons, among others, why Andre Iguodala isn't considered a "superstar", and that's fine. But as far as overall game is concerned, there aren't many NBA players as talented or well-rounded as Andre Iguodala.

See, Andre is as talented as many NBA superstars, but he has one glaring weakness. He's a below average shooter and scorer, which automatically disqualifies him from the Superstar Club. 

Iguodala is much like a great actor, with all the same abilities as Brad Pitt or Matt Damon, but doesn't land leading roles because he lacks the all-important GQ-look. In the NBA the equivalent of the all-important GQ-look is a pretty jump shot, 20 points per game, and a highlight reel of game-winning shots. None of which Iguodala possesses. 

Andre doesn't have "superstar" qualities, but if paired with a pure, go-to scorer, I believe the need for a true "superstar" goes away. For example, pair Andre with someone like Kevin Martin - a great scorer, but average to below average at everything else -  and I truly believe that's a twosome you can win a championship with.

The bottom line is, Andre Iguodala isn't a true "superstar", but he's just as talented. And even big, bad NBA "superstars" like Kobe Bryant can't win championships alone. They all need a Robin. Andre simply needs a Robin who can score like a "superstar", because it's the only superstar quality he lacks. However, if Andre ever finds his Robin, Robin will probably receive all the credit Batman normally receives, because he looks like Brad Pitt. And if you didn't think I could combine two completely unrelated references, shame on you.

Unfortunately, go-to scorers don't grow on trees, but ask yourself this question in the coming months, before the Sixers make their top 10 pick. Do they need a franchise player, or just a go-to scorer?

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