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BIG Board #24

The legend killer has a place on this Sixers blog.
The legend killer has a place on this Sixers blog.

The first offseason edition of the Big Board. Last vote was tremendously close with all 5 dudes getting between 10 and 15 votes, and senior Quincy Pondexter pulling out the dubya. Getting added to the ballot today will be another Kentucky freshman, big man Daniel Orton.

Easily the least established of all the candidates thus far, Orton is riding the P-Train towards Potentialville in hopes of sliding into the first round. With a big, wide body, Randy Orton projects to bully people around at the next level with the great positioning and strength he's shown on the glass. More athletic then he looks, he gets around well on the court, although one complaint I have about him (I haven't read it anywhere, just an observation) is that he plays too upright. Creating a strong base to keep opponents from the boards is one of the most important aspects of rebounding, and at times he simply relies on his height and reach to get to loose balls. At the next level, guys will be able to jump higher and tip rebounds away from him unless he establishes a better base consistently.

On the defensive end, he's a mammoth in the paint that can clog and block shots to bail out the team. Due to his long wingspan and quick reflexes, he can poke some balls away to generate steals going the other way. When he has to defend outside, he can get beat because he often overcommits and gets beat off the dribble. Despite some inefficiencies, he projects to be an above average defender.

Offensively, you'd be hard-pressed to find a time when he contributed significantly at UK. He's shown the ability to hit the occasional Jeff Adrien (get in the flask) 15-footer, but his ball-handling is non-existent and in terms of low post moves, there's not much to speak of. He can finish well at the rim and does a good job slipping to the basket on pick and roll double teams. As a complete prospect, he'll need at least 3 years to develop before he contributes significantly, but it could pay off tremendously for the team who scoops him up.

In other news, Paul George is still on the board. Tanner and I are debated buying a franchise somewhere between Allentown and Ithaca (Althacatown) and starting our franchise with PG-13. Vote and stuff, hope all of your offseasons are filled with joy and braces.

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