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Who Linked Ya?

I see the light excite Jodie Meeks.  Stack mad chips, spread love with my peeps.  Lou-Will wanna creep, gotta watch my back.  You think a bad team, bad coach, and bad gm make me slack?

Wow.  I apologize for the third straight Biggie related title and reference in these little link pages.  I'll try to mix it up in the future (or stop doing them all together because only I am getting satisfaction from them?) with some Wu-Tang, 2pac, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Jay-Z, and many more (but no Lil' Wayne whatsoever - he is a fraud).

The season is over! Woo-hoo!  Time to celebrate! Break out the Zelko (or whatever cheap liquor you choose), open that fresh pack of Black n Mild's, and party like there's no tomorrow (or just like a random night for Mikey).  Because as we all know (generalizing much?), there is no tomorrow for the Eddie Jordan coached Sixers.  Kaboom!

After the game last night, the great minds of Vegas (or just me) set the over/under on when EJ gets fired at 14 hours after the game.  I'm going to say the game ended at 10:30 ET so as I'm typing, there's is still 4 hours remaining for anybody who took the under.  Note: We at Liberty Ballers do not condone gambling for any purpose besides entertainment... or winning money... or coupons for local strip clubs.

Do it to it.  LB; I thought I told ya that we won't stop.

Eddie Jordan Firing Likely Coming Today

As of last night, Jordan wasn't thinking he would have any other meetings today, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I anticipate having our team meeting and our individual exit meetings," Jordan told the paper.

He also told the paper that he "wasn't concerned" if last night's game was his last as the head coach for the team or not. 

More Eddie Jordan, Courtesy of Kate Fagan

Asked if he has had time to think about the season, Jordan said he had not. "I'm thinking about the game and what we need to do," Jordan said. "We all know we wanted to win more games and be more successful."

Jordan refused to label this season his most challenging as an NBA coach, saying instead that everyday in the NBA is challenging. "There's no cushion in the season," Jordan said. "I told the players, 'There's no air mattress you can fall on and say, OK, the end is near.' You have to approach it like a bug on a windshield, just keep going and when the final buzzer rings, then you have time to contemplate."

Will Stefanski Stay or Go?

"The one thing I will say is that I'm a big boy," Stefanski said. "Whatever happens, happens. The Sixers have been great to me. I hope I stay. But if a decision is made to move in another direction, there's nothing I can do about it. I try not to even think about it."

In the meantime, the Sixers can evaluate Stefanski. They can ask how they're supposed to move forward with an $80 million man in Elton Brand who can't defend, can't move, and snarls when you tell him so. And while they're at it, it's worth asking what to do with Samuel Dalembert, who has made it clear he has no desire to remain in Philadelphia.

Iguodala #1 on a List! 10 Best Open-Court NBA Dunkers

1. Andre Iguodala 

2. Josh Smith 

3. Rudy Gay

4. LeBron James

5. Jason Richardson

Yes I am aware I only listed 5 but it is a tease for you to click on the linky :). I would put LeBron at number one but who cares what I think.

Rookie Season in Review: Jrue Holiday

...about an hour before the game, coach Eddie Jordan gave Holiday the news that he was going to be deactivated for the game. The look on Holiday's face was like that of a child discovering there is no Santa Claus.

"Yeah, I remember I had to use my man Jason Kapono's blazer," Holiday laughed. "It was nice, too. Corduroy, I think."

The grueling schedule, though, wasn't the toughest part of his rookie season. That would be all the rookie treatment he had to endure.

"I got the hardest year over with, and I'm done with all the rookie stuff they got me doing," he said. "The worst was them [teammates] kicking balls into the stands [during shootarounds] and me having to run up and get them."

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: JR Rider Likes Prison

On April 4, he was accused of pulling his fianceé out of a car and shoving her to the ground in a dispute over money. (He says they were just "tussling.") Later that day, he took a cab to Phoenix and back and then stiffed the driver on the $150 fare. After that, police put him under surveillance, which is how a few days later they spotted him driving "erratically." As he was pulled over, he jumped out of the vehicle and tried to run, but eventually gave up and came back. He probably got winded after about 94 feet.

Heck, he's had a busy week. After all this crime, the poor guy needs a vacation.

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