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Sixers lose finale, finish tied for 6th worst record -- 18.25% chance of top 3 pick

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Orlando Pinstriped Post


David Aldridge tweets ... 

[The Sixers] won't let Eddie Jordan twist in the wind tomorrow: "it will be quick," says a source.

I don't have much to say about tonight's game. I'm glad we lost, and I hope this is the final time I root for the Sixers to lose -- at least for a very, very long time. Hooray for a 5.3% chance to win the lottery, and an 18.25% chance of WTF!




This truly is a bittersweet day for me. For one, I'm thrilled this dreadful season finally is over. I feel like I've just woken up from an 82-game nightmare. On the other hand, it's beginning to set in -- I won't be able to watch the Sixers play another meaningful basketball game for seven months. However; things only get better from here. First, we'll never have to see Eddie Jordan, ever again. Second, we have a 18.25% chance of landing a top 3 pick. Things could change very, very quickly, and a potentially explosive off-season should be enough to hold us until November. 


We all know how bad the Sixers' season was. Besides the emergence of Jrue Holiday, and the prospects of a top 10 pick, there wasn't much to cheer about. But the same cannot be said about this blog.


Despite an absolutely atrocious season from the Sixers, highlighted by the hiring of Eddie Jordan, Liberty Ballers had a successful season in its second full year of existence. We graduated from a one-man show to a double-duo of contributers. We have a nice mix of writers here, each brining their unique styles to the site, and I  want to take a second to thank them. 


Thank you TAFKA Mike Bourn for being the super-utilty blogger and doing anything and everything asked of you, whether it's recaps, game threads, filling in when I go on vacation, college stuff, links, etc. -- and doing it in a very entertaining way. Thank you Derek for being a great basketball mind, and dropping mind-blowing knowledge on the site, daily. Thank you Tanner for doing the dirty work aka daily links, and writing the occasional recap. And thanks to John for always keeping things interesting, e-mailing me important links, (queue award show music, or Kanye West on Hennessy)  banning the occasional spammer, and behaving ... most of the time. You guys have helped me out tremendously, and I greatly appreciate it.


I also want to give a massive shout out to the readers and commenters of the site. LB would be nothing without you guys, and I thank you for reading, commenting, posting FanPosts/FanShots, voting in polls, buying t-shirts, participating in our fantasy leagues, etc., etc. 


To end our season, and begin our off-season, please answer these three questions in the comments.


1. Who do you want as the next head coach?

2. Do you want Stenfanski back? If not, who do you want to see replace him?

3. What player do you want the Sixers to draft at 7 assuming Wall, Turner, Favors, Cousins, Johnson, and Aminu are all off the board?


This should be an exciting off-season to say the least, and we have big things planned here at LB both for this summer, and next season. Stay tuned.


Thanks again for the great (for us anyway) season, everyone.


P.S. Just remember, we're only one ping pong ball away from getting "To the window, to the WALL!" shirts made.


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