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Mo' Larry, Mo' Problems - Wednesday Sixers Links

Today is the day.  All of our hard work (haha) comes down to this game right here.  Will we guarantee ourselves a tie for the sixth slot, solely obtain 7, or will we be praying that the Clippers come through with an epic victory over the Lakers?  It is questions like this that I can smile and remember, Eddie Jordan is our coach for this game.  Now that won't guarantee the Sixers a loss but it certainly helps our chances - Spoiler Alert from last night's LOST: much like throwing huge bottles of water into bag filled with unstable dynamite increases the chances you will blow yourself up.

But enough about tonight, let's get to what really matters; crazy awesome spectacular naked Larry Brown coaching rumors!  Not a surprise that everybody involved are denying the rumors left and right (and up?).  Seeing that acknowledging these rumors would lead to possible tampering charges, this comes as no shock to anybody.  The rumors are still out there though and I hope to all things holy that they never come to fruition.

Anyway check out these linkies for the day, throw your rollies in the sky, wave em side to side and keep your hands high.

Larry Brown Denies Return to Sixers Rumors

...former Sixers coach Larry Brown told the Daily News that he intends to continue coaching the Charlotte Bobcats and that he is not interested in coaching anywhere else.

"I can't speculate on what the Sixers will do, but I'm not coaching anywhere else," said Brown.

"We've had no discussions with anyone; that would be tampering," (COO of Comcast-Spectacor, Peter) Luukko said. "We don't need any troubles." 

Ed Snider Just Wants to Be Like Everyone Else, Denies LB Rumors

Snider called the New York Post report "absolutely false," and said the organization had not contacted any other team about anyone. of Tuesday no decision had been made about the future of general manager Ed Stefanski. It's possible that Stefanski, who hired Eddie Jordan and made several failed personnel moves, will be fired.

Jordan Reflects on Season, Starts Packing His Teletubbies Backpack

"We didn’t flow as well as I would have liked, meaning from the beginning of a fast break to flow right into it," Jordan said.

"Elton’s post ups, Andre’s isolations, Jrue and Lou’s pick-and-roll. All of these are built into the offense. Instead of going more with true tradition Princeton movement, we pair it down to get from one side to the other."

"How well was Lou playing early in the season? And Jrue was up and down because it was all new. But because of Lou’s injury and Jrue’s development and the skill set that Jrue has, obviously he stands out to be a better point guard."

"Let the higher decision makers make the decisions but I always have said in my coaching career I don’t coach a team to save my job. I coach a team to prepare to win and to teach them how to behave going through an NBA schedule."

Fast and Furious Fall of Sixers; Vin Diesel in Negotiations to Play Iguodala

...these Sixers had a 7-22 start. They had a 12-game losing streak. They used 16 different lineups, 10 more than last season. They won more games on the road than at home. They failed to have a winning record at home for the first time since '97-98.

"I didn't understand the dynamics of this team. I understood some of the dynamics of the team last year [when it was coached by Maurice Cheeks and Tony DiLeo], but it's a different team," said Eddie Jordan.

Thank goodness that first-round draft choice Jrue Holiday has turned out to be the real deal; he has become the one Sixer truly worth watching every night.

Iguodala Number 2 on a List! (of good players stuck on bad teams)

1. Chris Paul

2. Andre Iguodala

3. Danny Granger

4. Monta Ellis

5. Tyreke Evans

Director Steve James Talks "No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson"

If I could engineer a response to this movie, it would be basically that you come out the other end asking a lot of questions and debating a lot of questions. It was really important to me in this film--and it's important to me in all the films I do--that you hear all sides to this situation.

You hear from people in the African-American community who were adamant in their support of Allen, and there were also people in the African-American community who weren't. I couldn't get someone to go on-camera and say, "I really wanted Allen to go to prison." But you certainly hear from people who convey that, and that's discussed in the film.

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Just Another Reason the Sheed Signing Was Not Smart

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