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Sixers @ Magic game thread

This is it folks, the end of an era. 82 games of Eddie Jordan, and I feel like I've endured Chinese water torture for approximately 30,576 consecutive hours. It's been real. Sometimes it's been fun. But I can't say it's been real fun. I wish Eddie and his sexy new teeth nothing but the best, and tonight I'll say a couple prayers for the fans of the next team he graces with his presence (and his chalk talks) with.

What happens during the course of tonight's game is essentially meaningless, as long as no one suffers a serious injury. The outcome, however, could have a slight impact on the lottery odds, and my pre-season prediction. First of all, if the Sixers win tonight's game they'll finish only 20 games off my pre-season prediction of 48 wins, which would be quite the accomplishment. Second, the Sixers could either finish tied for sixth worst record, in sole possession of the seventh, or tied for the seventh -- ranging from an 18.25% to 12.5% chance of landing a top 3 pick. Here's what we're rooting for tonight:

  1. A Magic win.
  2. No serious injuries.
  3. A Pistons win.
  4. A Clippers win.
This is the last game of the season. Enjoy it -- win or lose -- because it's the last time you'll see the Sixers until November. I'll be in class for most of the game, but I should be back in time to watch the fourth, and final quarter. It's been a pleasure participating in game threads with you guys this year, and here's *holds up virtual drink* to a magical off-season.

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