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Larry Brown Rumors Abound

It's that time of year again, when Larry Brown leads his team to the playoffs while looking for his next stop. The Philadelphia 76ers are, of course, at the center of the rumors, with Brown urged along by his wife, who still lives in the area.

Sound familiar? It should. The sting of the playoff loss was still fresh when Larry Brown left the Sixers for the Pistons 7 years ago, and it was even worse when he actively campaigned for the Knicks job while still coaching the Pistons.

Would I want Brown back as a coach? I talked about the possibility earlier this year, and more or less I still would, depending on how much control he would have over basketball operations. That being said, hiring awful coach after awful coach has made me desperate, and perhaps more willing to accept Brown's warts than I would if I had more confidence in management finding a capable coach elsewhere.

From Peter Vecsey

Coincidentally squared, Next Town Brown, I'm informed, has received approval from Bobcats owner Michael Jordan to return home, home on the range -- Philadelphia -- where his wife, school-age children and the antelopes still play, to re-take control of the 76ers from top to bottom.

Adrian Wojnarowski has confirmed that Brown has received permission to look elsewhere, saying that the decision is largely dependent on his wife, whether she wants to keep their family in Philadelphia or move back to L.A. with the Clippers.

No news yet out of the Sixers front and whether they are, in fact, interested. Tom Moore said that a source has confirmed what we all assume, that Eddie Jordan has coached his last home game.

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