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Sixers Lose, Can Finish No Lower than 7th

While fans of playoff teams are eying first round matchups and suiting up for the playoff run, we're planning golfing trips and arranging to pick our kids up from elementary school.  Although I don't have kids or any golfing excursions in the foreseeable future, you get the point -- the offseason is almost here and it's *almost* about damn time.  With tonight's loss, and the Knicks victory against the Wizards, we're basically cemented into the 7 spot.  We'll know for sure in the next two days.  Houston just put Sacramento out of reach, so pray for a bunch of help from the ball-picker.

Big games out of Jason Kapono and Jodie Meeks kept this game close.  Big games out of Jason Kapono and Jodie Meeks kept this game close.  I said that twice so you could do a double-take but continue reading.  I'm all about being considerate.  As Jordan tweeted (still my least favorite word, followed closely by "vestibule"), the Princeton Offense apparently takes 78 games to learn, which I can only assume is correct since he runs the blog, is a year older than me, and lives in Las Vegas, a town known for its booksmartiness and sobriety.  Jordan Sams and Eddie Jordan need a chalk session and everything would get straightened out in a jiffy.

Dwyane Wade did what he did at the end of the game to salvage a loss for the Sixers and there's not much else I can say about the game other than we hit more shots than normal and still didn't play any defense.  Sounds like an Eddie coached team if I've ever heard of one, and I have.

Anyway, this is my last recap of the season, and as you've clearly noticed if you have read any of my posts (thanks Tanner), I haven't exactly brought the house down with my stat-wrangling and spreadsheets with fancy equations.  While I like referring to advanced stats in baseball, our sport is so far behind that I don't think most of the information is worth paying much attention to.  Either that, or I'm far too lazy/busy/lazy/a college student/metrosexual to actually dig deep for information. I think we've got a great balance of writers here at Liberty Ballers. Jordan puts a ton of work in to this site that goes mostly unnoticed, Derek's a phenomenal addition that makes us appear more smarter (see what I did there?), Tanner appeals to avid rap music fans that stumble onto this site accidentally, and I don't know exactly what I bring but I think it's different and hope somebody out there appreciates it.  It's been cool writing recaps for you guys even though most of the time they weren't actually recaps, and hope to break out a bunch of new features during the offseason to make this site more fun, hip, cool, and other words that generally mean the same thing.  Podcasts, Vlogs, and *Live Blogging of the NBA Draft by Mike and Tanner at MSG on June 24th* (winkity wink Jordan) could be in the site's future and it's definitely something to think about. 

Wednesday is the last game of Eddie Jordan in Philadelphia and the last game of this wash of a season.  Jordan's got the Thread n' Cap so treat him well and let's ride this baby off into the sunset.  I'll see you next year, recap friends.

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