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Heat @ Sixers: Try to Suck Harder

Listen, we're all still emotionally scarred from that win the other night and I'm just as confused as all of you as to why I wrote my recap as a rewording of the Gettysburg Address. That's not important. What is important is tonight's games. Detroit hosts Toronto, Washington travels to New York, and the Clips and Kings are in action at home against the Mavs and Rockets. They still have a shot at the 3 seed, but that would require a Michael Bush 67-yard touchdown run against the Bucs in '08 to vault the Eagles into the playoffs for that to happen. Or something similar.

If we win out, odds are we could steal a 6 seed. But we MUST win out, otherwise we slide down past 7, which would definitely be a bad time. Hopefully Dwyane and company come out to play tonight so this game is out of reach quickly. Pray for some help from the other hapless (and Happless) teams out there and be sure to root against your Philadelphia 76ers in their final home game of the season. Hopefully Eddie Jordan gets a lovely parting gift at the Wach.

Some final notes, Jrue Holiday is just a shade under 45% from the field and exactly 40% from beyond -- it would be nice for him to keep those up to round out a tremendous rookie season. Thread it here, I should be able to catch the end of the game after work. Make magic happen boys.

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