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Lottery Watch: The Final Stand

Here are the lottery standings going into Saturday, April 10 -- four days before the regular season ends.

Lottery Team Record GB
9 Knicks 28-51 3.5
8 Clippers 27-52 2.5
7 Sixers 26-53 1.5
6 Pistons 26-53 1.5
5 Wizards 25-54 0.5
4 Kings 25-54 0.5
3 Warriors 24-54 --

This is do or die time folks. The next five days could either result in ecstasy, or torment. Sixers fans could either be dreaming of WTF for the next month(s), or Cole Aldrich and Greg Monroe. The team can finish as high as 9th in the lottery, or as low as the 3rd -- and everywhere in between. 

Three games remain, and losing all three is ever-so crucial. One win ends MissionWTF, forrealz this time. Then the best we can do is finish with sole possession of the 7th worst record. And with the way the Clippers are playing, I'd bet one wins gets us a tie for 7th.

Tonight the Sixers play the Grizzlies in Memphis. Both teams are playing the second of a back-to-back, and neither team has anything to play for. In other words, it's a complete toss up. However; by the looks of Iguodala's twitter account, the Sixers arrived in Memphis around 3 or 4 this morning, which might give the Grizz a slight edge. I'll take what I can get.

Here are the lottery teams' remaining schedules:

Knicks: Heat, Wizards, @Raptors

Clippers: Warriors, Mavs, Lakers

Sixers: @Grizzlies, Heat, @Magic

Pistons: @Bobcats, Raptors, T'Wolves

Wizards: Hawks, @Knicks, Pacers

Kings: Mavs, Rockets, @Lakers

Warriors: @Clippers, Thunder, Jazz, @Blazers


If the Sixers lose out, the worst they can do is tie for the 6th worst record. I cannot stress enough, how important it is to lose out. MissionWTF officially re-launches tonight. Hopefully the Sixers don't ruin it with a win.

Sure-fire prediction: Sixers by 11

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