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BIG Board #23

After a loooong week, I finally have a second to breathe and write up a quick something for the newest entry to the big board pool of players, Avery Bradley. "But wait! He's been here before!" Well, suck it because he just declared for the draft and he should be on the board around here and I'm putting him in. Eat it raw.

Quick refresher on the tweener from Texas (alliteration alert! There's another one!), he's known for his gritty, outstanding defense and tremendous lateral foot speed. While it tailed off towards the end of the season with Texas's crash and burn, he showed flashes of a decent jumpshot and a passable ability to attack the basket. Despite his unique skill set, he'd need a bigger point guard to defend longer two-guards (oh heyyyyyy Jrue Holiday), since he really doesn't have much in the way of point guard skills. His success, much like Cole Aldrich, is so dependent on the players and system he's drafted into that it'll be really interesting to see where he ends up come draft day.

Two and a half months til the draft, and I'm betting another version of the LB Big Board will be coming out in the next two weeks so hold onto your nipples for that one folks -- should be very stimulating. Vote.

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