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Big Board #22

Ekpe Udoh decided "momma don't play that game" and stormed to the 21st spot with over half the vote. Before you piss yourself yosoysean, after the withdrawal deadline on May 8th, we will have some rearranging of the user BIG board. So hang tight. Or hang ten. Whichever. It's a democracy I think.

Taking it to LB.BB.22, I'm going to introduce Quincy Pondexter to the voting. I've basically been postponing adding him since around 15 or so because he's a terrible fit for the Sixers. He's a 6'6 wing who can't shoot. Sound familiar? No? Are you on the right site? Despite having one of my favorite names of all-time, he posted his best 3P% his freshman year at 37.5%, hitting only 0.6 per. His points per jump shot has gotten better each season and could be a harbinger for improvement down the road. But he's not anyone the Sixers should even glance at in the top 10 (or 20).

That being said, the Big Board is a beautiful Beast (as well as an alliteration), and can mean whatever your little heart desires. It could be a top 30 players for talent/potential or top 30 you want the Sixers to take. Even if you're not a Sixers fan (and who are we kidding, nobody other than Jordan, Tanner, and I from different IP addresses reads this blog anyway), do what you do.

So back to QuincyPie, he's an above-average defender with a wingspan that would make Jay Bilas wet himself (another piss joke? Come on Mike) and great lateral quickness. His athleticism has always been there, same goes for his finishing ability. That's translated to solid point production and 7.4 boards per from a small forward. Notsomuch for his court vision and ball-handling. Without Jon Brockman and Justin Dentmon this past season, he took on a much bigger role and thrived in the weak Pac-10. In the tournament, he nailed this shot.

Kid is close to being a full-on basketball player, but a consistent deep threat is holding him back. Ronnie Brewer is probably his ceiling with a more athletic Sam Young as the floor. And while Brewer is a valuable basketball player (and also the cousin of a friend of mine -- no joke), he wouldn't serve a purpose on the Sixers except to make Rodney Carney more useless than he already is. Also, if somebody doesn't give Paul George some love, me and Tanner are gonna have to go BUC wild on your collective arses.

A final note: Be proud that you come to a site that held off on "Eddie Jordan Fired!" April Fool's posts. We know you've been through too much this season that your hearts just couldn't take it. Hang in there boys and ? it'll all be over soon.

UPDATE: I'm stupid and put Udoh in. You can TP my house tonight if you'd like. My apologies, gents.

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