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Clash of the Titans! Fantasy Basketball CHAMPIONSHIP Update

Tanner vs. Mike

Steidel vs. Bourn

Tanny S vs. Mikey B

Stanner vs. B'Michael

Regardless of how you frame it, this matchup cruised past intense, blew by epic, and currently settles somewhere between heart-thumpingly colossal and electric-chairingly monumental.  And to top it off....we're tied.


Plenty of week left Tansky, but I suspect when it's all said and done we're both gonna be bruised and battered. But to make you shake in your boots even more, this is the motivational video I showed to my boys. And yes, it was difficult getting Andre Iguodala and Tyreke Evans in the room at the same time despite being on opposite coasts -- it's called technology.  I dare you to not be amped after this.

Best Motivational Movie Ever (via Hlizzy07)

Bring it.

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