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Sixers Lose Despite Meeks 3-Ball

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I just wanted to have a unit out there that brought a little more [energy].

We were energetic, and we were communicating, and we had a hop to our step.

So those are Eddie quotes responding to Dei Lynam's stupid questions.  I'm pretty tired of writing the same stupid recap about the same stupid team that makes the same stupid mistakes every stupid game.  So instead of that, I'll make up a poem to entertain you or make you wish you stumbled upon a better Sixers blog.  And it's gonna rhyme so you know it's fo' real.

There once was a team from Philly,

that often played quite silly,

A coach that hates D,

Soon you will see,

Why there's too many minutes for Willie.


It starts and ends with the Eds,

Portrayed as a beast with three heads,

But not so fast,

They're run by Comcast,

And they took Universal to bed.


Philly has a disinterested fan base,

That wants to spray EJ with mase,

They don't come to games,

Elton looks like Ving Rhames,

Except with a prettier face.


EJ pays too much for dental,

People say the team has potential,

But Thad doesn't board,

Mo Speights just seems bored,

And the wins are too inconsequential.


This may seem a tough subject to broach,

For Ed Snider is certainly a roach,

But please have no fear,

There's always next year,

Unless they hire Ricko as coach.


Congrats on the loss folks, check later when Jordan posts the updated lottery standings where you can discuss things other than my substandard poetry writing.  Go Sacramento.  You still don't know what I look like.