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Film Review: Jrue/Lou/Andre Defense

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Again, I forced myself to re-watch every defensive possession from last night's game, focusing on Lou, Jrue and Andre's individual defense. I also noticed a couple other things. As always, I only tracked their opponent's assists if they got into the paint, and threw fast break baskets out because of the mass-confusion going on as to who's guarding who. I also tracked whether the shots of their opponents were contested or uncontested. My definition of a 'contested shot' is completely subjective, but I used the same criteria for all three guys. Here are the numbers:

Jrue Holiday

  • Opponents shot a combined 3-5 (60%) against Jrue.
  • Of the 5 shots, 1 was contested (20%).
  • Joe Johnson was 2-3 against Jrue (0 contested) and got to the line 4 times.
  • Marvin Williams was 1-1 against Jrue (0 contested).
  • Mike Bibby was 0-1 against Jrue (1 contested).
Lou Williams
  • Opponents shot a combined 5-9 (56%) against Lou.
  • Of the 9 shots, 4 were contested (44%).
  • Joe Johnson was 1-1 against Lou (1 contested).
  • Marvin Williams was 0-1 against Lou (1 contested) and got to the line twice.
  • Mike Bibby was 2-2 against Lou (1 contested).
  • Jamal Crawford was 0-1 against Lou (1 contested).
  • Josh Smith was 1-1 against Lou (0 contested).
  • Jeff Teague was 1-3 against Lou (0 contested) and had one assist where he got into the paint.
Andre Iguodala
  • Opponents shot a combined 3-7 (43%) against Andre.
  • Of the 7 shots, 3 were contested (43%).
  • Joe Johnson was 1-3 against Andre (1 contested).
  • Maurice Evans was 0-2 against Andre (2 contested).
  • Marvin Williams got to the line twice against Andre.
  • Jamal Crawford was 2-2 against Andre (0 contested).
  • I only watched the defensive possessions. I have to go to the DMV after this so I might watch the offense later, but probably not.
  • The effort was definitely there for Lou defensively. His biggest problem is over-helping. 
  • The overall defense was terrible -- as you can imagine -- with some guys it seems to be a lack of effort, but a lot of the times it's a product of the weird over-switching, over-helping system. I don't get it.
  • I wasn't trying to pay attention to Marreese Speights defense, but it caught my attention -- not in a good way. It looked like pure garbage, as did his rebounding.