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Sixers Draft '10: 15%, 4% or somewhere in between?

Despite a magical run, any chance the Sixers had at a top 6 spot is now gone. They currently sit 2.5 games behind both the Kings and Pistons, with 7 games remaining. Even if the Sixers lose out (which they won't) they'd still need the Kings and Pistons to go 3-3 and 3-5 respectively, which isn't going to happen. With the Kings, Pistons, Wizards and company in the rear-view mirror, it's time to take a look at the teams in front of the Sixers: the Pacers, Knicks and Clippers.

Lottery Team Record GB
10 Pacers 28-47 2
9 Clippers 27-48 1
8 Knicks 26-48 0.5
7 Sixers 26-49  -- 


Two games is all that separates the Sixers from a 15% chance, and a 4% chance to land WTF. It's all probabilities and luck, but obviously you want to give yourself the best chance to land a franchise-changing player. So, two or three more meaningless wins for the Sixers and we could be looking at a 4% chance of landing WTF. Really? A four percent chance, after all that? If you want to look at it from the standpoint of winning the lottery, we'd go from a 4% chance to a 1% chance. 

It's sad to think that two meaningless April wins could be the difference between WTF and Cole Alrdich. If you think I'm overplaying the two wins thing, check this out: If the Sixers lost both games they were supposed to (Hawks and Bucks) they'd currently be 1.5 games back of the four-spot and 2.5 back of the third. 

You get the picture. These next 7 games are unbelievably crucial if the Sixers want to salvage anything from this terrible season, and the muck of mediocrity. With that said, here are the remaining schedules of the four teams.

Pacers: Heat, Rockets, Knicks (thank you!), @Cavs, Nets, Magic, @Wizards

Predicted remaining record: 3-4

Predicted final record: 31-51

Clippers: @Nuggets, Knicks (thank you!), Blazers, @Kings, Warriors, Mavericks, Lakers

Predicted remaining record: 1-6

Predicted final record: 28-54

Knicks: @Warriors, @Clippers, Celtics, @Pacers, @Magic, Heat, Wizards, @Raptors

Predicted remaining record: 2-6

Predicted final record: 28-54

Sixers: Raptors, Pistons, @Heat, Bucks, @Grizzles, Heat, @Magic

Predicted remaining record: 4-3

Predicted final record: 30-52

Predicted Final Lottery Standings

Lottery Team Record GB
10 Pacers 31-51 3
9 Sixers 30-52 2
8 Clippers 28-54 --
7 Knicks 28-54 --


Sixers predicted chance of winning lottery: 1.7%

Sixers predicted chance of getting WTF: 6%

Predicted player drafted: Cole Aldrich


If that doesn't get you excited for the rest of the season, the lottery, and the draft I don't know what will! I hope my predictions are wrong, but come on, you know I'm right. Drop your predictions in the comments.


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