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Bobcats dominate Sixers from start to finish

Box Score

Rufus on Fire

This was a terrible game to watch. If you missed, consider yourself lucky. I'm just glad the Sixers didn't gain ground on the Knicks, Pacers or Clippers tonight. It's all about the seventh spot in the lottery now, because the Sixers aren't catching the Pistons or Kings. The Kings look like they're about to lose to the T'Wolves for Darko's sake! I don't have much else to say about the 48 minutes of basketball I just watched, so I'll just drop some bullet points on you.

  • Andre Iguodala looked very tentative tonight. One play sums it up beautifully. He picked off a pass, had a wide open dunk, with no one within 30 feet of him, and he did the most casual dunk I've ever seen him do. If you've watched any amount of Sixers basketball, you know Andre likes to put on a show. The fact that he couldn't muster up the strength, ups, energy, whatever - to do a signature Andre Iguodala dunk, tells you the plantar fasciitis is really bothering him. That said, you have to respect the 14-6-4 line he provided.
  • Jrue Holiday was okay tonight. He had some really sloppy turnovers, but also had various beautiful set-ups. He would've had 3 or 4 more assists if his teammates made wide open shots. It wasn't Jrue's best game, but he did have a ridiculous posterization of an unknown Bobcat. I'll post (or you can) the video once it pops up. I didn't know Jrue had it in him, and I like that he shows different flashes every game. Some nights it's defense, some nights it's passing, some nights it's shooting, and tonight it was sneaky athleticism. 
  • Jodie Meeks looked terrible on all his jumpers, but made a nice drive to the hoop and finish to end the game. I'm grasping at straws here. Can we have our second-rounder back?
  • M16 played better than normal tonight. His midrange J was wetter than a dog's nose, he showed some passion, and even dove on the floor for a loose ball. He finished with a very respectable 13 points (6-10 shooting), 5 boards, and 1 steal in 22 minutes. He also got a tech for yelling at a ref.
  • The Bobcats shot 35 free throws tonight, and the Sixers only shot 11. Zoom and Easy Ed were complaining about it all night, but that's not my style. 
  • Rodney Carney was a late scratch with a foot injury.
  • The Sixers didn't gain or lose ground on anyone tonight. All the lottery teams in action, lost, at the time of this recap.
  • Next game is another matinee against Toronto on Saturday. I think unless Iguodala sits the Sixers will depressingly pull another one out against the Raps. Woo!

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