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Big Board #21

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I'm gonna try to do this superquick before class today. Tambien (como estas Spanish speaking Liberty Ballers nation!), I'm heading down to Scranton, PA tonight to hit up the Wilco concert. So pumped, even though a concert on a Wednesday is kind of like having sex for two minutes. It's still sex butimeancomeon.

Ok I don't know how that happened -- I just woke up. ANYWAY, here's the newest addition to the LB Big Board. Eric Bledsoe. Originally thought to be staying at UK one more year to show he don't need no John Wall to play ball, it seems Bledsoe will follow the herd out of the college game and into the pre-lockout NBA. As it was harped on all season long, this kid is athletic, more athletic than John Wall if we're to believe people that talk about things (I don't). What's more in question is his point guard abilities. While he displayed decent handles and tremendous aptitude attacking the basket, a 2.9/3.0 A/TO is hardly earth-shattering. I think he'd be much better served staying in school one or two more years developing his floor management skills and a more consistent jump shot, but odds are that won't happen.

Speaking of the jump shot, I'd like a bit more lift on it -- it seems to me like he's all arms and as the game goes on or as he turns cold, the shot goes flat and he starts pushing it. While he was 8-9 against ETSU in the first round, Drew's long-lost nephew hit just 1-10 against Wake, Cornell, and WVU. I can't help but think he's Eddie House with hops and I don't know that his head will ever catch up with his athleticism. But hey, that's for you guys to decide. Big Board rolls on.

*Since Hassan Whiteside has officially declared, he will be added to the Board after the top 30 is done. Don't fret.*