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Thunder @ Sixers: 9 Games Left

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Thankfully, we're in single digits.  Only 9 more games remain in this painful, painful, painful season. And with Francisco Elson riding the bench, it doesn't look like it's getting any better. 

At least we get to watch Russell Westbrook and Jrue Holiday go head to head.  I'll be at work so I won't be around for the game but hold it down for me while I'm gone and enjoy Kevin Durant, my running mate in the 85th installment of a discussion (argument) I had with a friend (and Greg Oden) on the 2007 NBA Draft.  I believed it then and it's undeniable now that Durant should've been the top pick.  Debate that here if you'd like.

Anyway do what you do and let's see if we can lose the last nine. 26-56 should be good enough for pick 5. Holding my breath.  Welcome to Loud City.