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Late Afternoon Links With Guest Host Steve Kroft

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What up everybody so glad you're here.  It's Coolio Tan-lio with the flow back in your ear.  It's not a fantastic voyage but I'm still on a mission; to see if I can grab your attention.  Well Coolio, you haven't since 1996.  Tomorrow is the big game against the Thunder (Hey BS, you think you're funny calling them the Zombie Sonics, but you're not.  Just stop.  It's easier to say Thunder anyway).  I can't wait.  Not because I currently enjoy watching the Sixers; but because I love watching the Thunder and seeing Jrue Holiday play is a thing of PUURRREEE (thanks Gus Johnson) beauty.  

It's pretty much a dead directly-Sixers related news day but two of the links presented today are really worth checking out.  Believe me, you won't regret it......punks.  Catch ya'll on the flipsizzle fo' rizzle.

Straight From John; Effect on Draft Stock of Final Four Players (or a 'duh' as John Instructed Me to Classify it as)

This is an extremely interesting article written by Dave Berri ( - read it) concerning the factors that play into prospects positions in the draft by playing in the Final Four.  Some factors actually matter but others come about from luck (His example of how WVU players have a chance to greatly increase their stock is a great example).  Check it out now. Or else.

Brain McKitish of ESPN Loves Him Some Jay-Rue

...clearly has the look of a future do-it-all point guard.

...the biggest knock on Holiday coming into the season was his somewhat questionable shooting touch, but the kid is shooting 49 percent from the floor and 48 percent from 3-point land this month.

it looks like the Sixers found themselves a steal in last year's draft. I should also note that Holiday is the youngest player in the league, so there is plenty of room to grow from here. 

Thanks for Showin Up Now Guys, #missionWTF Doomed

For some reason, the Sixers have performed better the past two games (wins at Milwaukee and at home against Atlanta) than at any other time during the season. They have played well defensively, scored when needed.  They've posted back-to-back wins for the first time since winning five straight, a streak that ended Feb. 9.

It appears they are doing it just because it feels good. No matter the circumstances or what may happen after the season is over, a winning feeling overrides everything else.

In Wednesday's win over Milwaukee, Jordan coached with all the animation of someone trying to win a title. At one point, he nearly threw his jacket off in disgust of a play - while the team was ahead by 15 points. Early Entry Page

As previously posted, Cole Aldrich and Hassan Whiteside recently declared for the NBA Draft. But did you know Jahmar Young of New Mexico State did? Yea we know you did Mike Bourn/Derek (I'm putting a link to your competition in here - ouch!). This page is kept very up to speed with early declarations and check it out as it has all of the important dates regarding the draft (early entry deadline, early entry withdrawal deadline, draft combine) .

60 Minutes Interview: Mikhail Prokhorov, New Jersey Nets Owner

If you are interested in basketball and the business part around it, watch this video.  It looks like this guy is going to do whatever it takes to win (money-wise obviously, not breaking people's thumbs, I hope).  Look out Mark Cuban.