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Another Lazy Sunday, Another Edition of Sixers Links

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While everybody is still trying to get over that depressing win on Friday, I'll provide some of the best entertainment that one could ask for.  No, not this.  And not this either.  It's some more of those links that everybody knows and loves!  We got a little bit of a hiatus before we start rooting for losses again so you all can spend today crying about your brackets (don't mind if I do) or taking a trip to Rita's Italian Ice and getting that delectable new Swedish Fish flavor (or flavour).  In the meantime, enjoy the few links we got for today.

Fagan Implores to Build Around Holiday, Acquire SG

Holiday is like City Hall, something you build around. Only problem is, the Sixers don't possess the pieces to fill the next-closest gap, shooting guard.

Not combo guard Lou Williams, who has proven himself an off-the-bench spark, and that's fine for his $5 million a year paycheck. Not reserve guard Willie Green, who should never play more than 18 minutes a game, and that's fine for a backup role. Not Andre Iguodala, whose outside shot could help build City Hall - brick by brick - but who should not be charged with unlocking defenses from the perimeter. And not Jodie Meeks, who might turn out to be a decent shooter off the bench but not a contending team's starting shooting guard.

Either the Sixers trade a small forward for improved draft position - assuming they don't luck out at the NBA draft lottery - or they package a small forward for a legitimate NBA shooting guard.

Thad Wants to Play Some More

...forward Thaddeus Young said he would try to return to the court before the end of this season. "That's good; he should," Jordan said. "If he feels like he can play and help his team, then he should."

*Same Article* Eddie Jordan is Clueless

Before last night's game, Jordan was asked whether playoff elimination - a result of Monday night's loss to Orlando - had eased the pressure on his team. "Frankly, I didn't even know we were eliminated," Jordan said last night. "I never thought about that. I never looked into it. We play hard every game. I like for our guys to be prepared to win every game."

*Same Artcile* Eddie Jordan Praises..... Jodie Meeks?

"I like his demeanor, where he's getting through screens, hitting people," Jordan said. "He's getting hit and not getting bumped off his routes."

Iguodala Takes on Chris Mannnix - Says Report is 'Not a Big Deal'

"I didn't see it," said Andre Iguodala. "Someone mentioned it to me -- not a big deal. I think it's somebody trying to turn something into a story. There's not really anything there."

Said Elton Brand: "It’s funny. We haven’t heard about it. Maybe coach has because he’s been harping on energy, playing hard and things like that."

More Jason Kapono Love?

"We don't have a threat (other than him) out there," Iguodala said. "It's kind of like I'm out there passing the ball from the perimeter to the perimeter (without Kapono) and I have to force something. With a guy like him, it's going up."

...he's producing in other areas, such as grabbing five rebounds and taking three steals Friday, to go along with 14 points on 4-for-8 shooting from downtown.

"It changes everything," Brand said. "You saw (Friday's) second half - swing, swing and we're knocking down 3s. It's either one (defenses have to choose). He's been great."

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Steve Nash is the High-Five King