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Sixers @ Bucks game thread

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As we know, the Sixers are in a tight race for pings right now and cannot afford any surprise-wins. The last time these teams met in Milwaukee, the Sixers lost, but it was a little too close for comfort. Elton Brand dominated the entire game - to a tune of 26 points and 10 rebounds - but missed a wide open game-tying layup. However; the Bucks are a different team since then, and so are the Sixers.

The Bucks are 15-2 since trading for John Salmons, including 8-0 at home with wins over: Boston, Cleveland (w/o LeBron), Utah, and Atlanta. And the Sixers will be without Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young for the second straight game. All signs point to a Bucks win, but wait:

  1. Who's going to stop Elton Brand? At times this season Elton has shown the ability to score in bunches, and he's averaging 22 points, 8 boards, 2 steals, and 2 blocks against the Bucks. If I remember correctly, the Bucks guard EB with Luc Richard Mbah a Mounte. LRMaM has a reputation as an all-world defender, but he's shown that he can't stop Elton Brand - unless of course he performs the 'FU', dislocating his shoulder in the process.
  2. Jrue Holiday only played 21 minutes the last time these teams met. Tonight he'll probably play 40+.
  3. Jennings, Salmons, and Bogut provide most of the Bucks offense. All three guys might have trouble against Holiday, Iguodala, and Dalembert. Bogut is averaging 10 points and 8 rebounds on 39% shooting against Dalembert and co. this year. Salmons is averaging 16 points on 46% shooting against Iguodala and co. And Jennings has torched the Sixers this season, but hasn't played extended minutes against Holiday yet.

Do I still think the Sixers will lose this game? Absolutely, but it might be closer than people think.

Two things I'm looking forward to tonight are the Jrue/Jennings matchup, and Jodie Meeks return to Milwaukee. Will he get enough minutes to torch the Bucks for 7 threes? Probably not, but I can dream. Here are the lottery standings going into the night:

Lottery Team Record GB
10 Clippers 26-45 4
9 Knicks 26-45 4
8 Pacers 25-46 3
7 Kings 24-47 2
6 Sixers 24-47 2
5 Pistons 23-48 1
4 Wizards 21-48 --

And tonight's games of note:

Wizards @ Pacers

Kings @ Nets


Go Sixers!

Brew Hoop

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