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Sixers: Lottery Watch 3/23

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Bobcats 95 Wizards 86 - Final

The Wizards gave us some false hope by tying the game with 8 seconds left, but were outscored by 9 in overtime. I watched the last couple minutes of regulation, and some of the overtime. My conclusion: The Wizards are the worst team in the NBA. The Nets would beat them 7 out of 10 times, and I don't see the Wizards winning another game this season. Good-bye four-spot.

Pacers 98 Pistons 83 - Final

I didn't watch this game because I didn't care who won. Yay.

Knicks 109 Nuggets 104 - Final

The Knicks were helped by some questionable calls, but I'll take it. The fourth quarter was extremely entertaining, and I applaud the Knicks fans who fill MSG every home game. That's the type of atmosphere I wish the Sixers played in 41 times year. P.S. Toney Douglas and Danilo Gallinari are ballers. Do What Toney Douglas Do.

Clippers 96 Mavericks 106 - Final 

The Clips were down 14 at half, but a big fourth quarter has them up one after three. I'm about to turn the game on. Updated standings coming ... Go Clippers!


Updated standings

Lottery Team Record GB
10 Clippers 26-45 4
9 Knicks 26-45 4
8 Pacers 25-46 3
7 Kings 24-47 2
6 Sixers 24-47 2
5 Pistons 23-48 1
4 Wizards 21-48 --









Tomorrow's games:

Wizards @ Pacers

Kings @ Nets

Sixers @ Bucks