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Sixers Lose to Magic: Take the Last Train to Tankville

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109-93.  Full recap to come.  Discuss Sac-town game here. Right here. And only here.


Don't have tons of time tonight and for those of you saying "dude you blog about the Sixers who are like the best team on da planet what's better than that?" I respond with "don't replace the with da."  Duty calls, or doodie depending on what time you're reading this. But enough about me, let's talk about less important people!

Starting with the positives, I want to give Andre Iguodala a shout for playing a very Iguodala game.  Despite revealing earlier that he's been dealing with plantar faciitis, Andre came out and did what we've been asking him to do.  Looking at his 14 shots, he went 5-7 on layups or dunks and 3-7 on jump shots, only 1-2 from three.  He also got to the line 8 times mostly by attacking the basket.  So if you count those as shot attempts, he scored 9-11 times when he took the ball to the basket.  Hey Andre, what's up? Take the ball to the basket, you're not Reggie Miller, you're not even Rodney Rogers.  You're athletic and crafty.  Can you hit an open three from time to time? Sure, but four out of five times, you should be going to the basket. Ok thanks. That being said, make sure we lose games. That being said AGAIN, you shouldn't be playing anyway because you have PLANTAR FREAKING FACIITIS. That's a funny word to spell in caps. Whoever decided continuing to play him was a good decision should be forced to go to a Dungeons and Dragons convention with Ricko.  Also, if anyone has any information as to Ricko's disappearance, contact me immediately. Rickooooooooooooooo!

Jrue Holiday was very average in his 45 minutes of play (!) offensively but basically shut Jameer Nelson the F down.  2-10 shooting for the St. Joe's alumnus and didn't penetrate the lane as much as he had in the past against the Sixers.  It's good to see him working through his rookie mistakes now and not being penalized immediately by a benching because next year I expect to see a very mature 20 year old basketball player as our starting point guard. Pretty cool to think about. 

Orlando took care of Ed tonight like any good team should, by winning every single quarter, even using Ricko's 25+ per quarter formula. (And yes, I'm aware I write about Ricko too much, getoverit.) They still didn't get the ball into Dwight Howard as much as they should because a few more catches in the paint fouls both Elton Brand and Samuel Dalembert out, relegating the defensive assignment to Jason Smith and Marreese Speights.  What you're hearing right now is Stan Van Gundy laughing.  Sammy played relatively well on him and would've been even more effective if he didn't have to ease up with his 5 fouls.  6-7 from the field with 7 trips to the line, and 14 rebounds.  While I'm commending big men, Elton played solid and while his offense is limited to midrange jumpshots and other compound words, 23, 6 and 3 is a great night for him nowadays.  And his 3 assists -- holy cow somebody call the mayor.

It wasn't a great game to watch but it wasn't vomit-inducing either so a good night for Tanky Tankerton.  The Kings were whipped in the second half by Memphis so no ground-gainage, but with Indiana's off night, we're tied for 5th with the Kings.  Hooray.  Next game Wednesday at Milwaukee, could be winnable, but then again -- this is what "Eddie Jordan" returns on google images.

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