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Magic @ Sixers Game Thread: The Race for Balls

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In the 60's there was the Space Race, the 70's had the Arms Race, and Cartoon Network has the Wacky Races.  All of equal importance and worldwide recognition, add another one to the list: The Balls Race.  With Indiana and Sacramento flipping off the Gods and winning last night, Eddie and Kids sit tied with both teams for the 6 seed, just one behind Detroit and two back from the Wizards, losers of 11 in a row.  You know what that makes us? Lollygaggers. Close.  I want that 4 spot, and I want it bad.  I want it so bad that the Sixers will now be known as the Fourers for the rest of this blog post.

Tonight we get to play host to them Magics of Orlando, led by Dwight Howard who is one technical foul (sometimes referred to as a "Sheed") from getting suspended for a game.  Thankfully, he'll still be around tonight.  As will Jameer Nelson, putter-upper of 22 points and 10 diggity-dimes against the aformentioned Fourers, losers of their last two against the Magic. 

As reported by The Legend via Twitter, Thaddeus Young and Louis Williams will sit out from tonight's festivities.  Deus for his broken thumb, Lou for general crankiness.  Not to be confused with General Greivis, who will be doing his American Studies homework at home instead of studying gametape of Ali Farokhmanesh and Northern Iowa.  iloveyoutannerimsorry.

Eddie continues to spin the Price is Right wheel with his rotations without the shiny numbers and studio audience, holding Elton Brand to just 17 minutes while giving Fatty McFatfat Marreese Speights a surprising 30 in Saturday's 12 point loss to the free-falling Bulls.  His funky bunch has lost 7 of 8 and 12 of 14 since late February.  In other tanking news, the Kings welcome TAFKA Vancouver Grizzlies to Arco Arena where new LB favorite Beno Udrih does his best Bob Sura impression (two triple doubles in a week to win me my 2004 fantasy basketball league) in replacement duty for Tyreke Evans of Chester, PA, who is out with a case of the Mondays.

Thread it here until 7, I'll be washing myself from all this stink by the time the game starts so I can sully my brain once more.  I'm praying this doesn't cause any long-term brain damage, but I may be a bit late for that ifyouknowwhatimean.  Go Fourers!

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