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Super Special "Only 94 Days Until the Draft" Sixers Links

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Okay so I lied a little bit.  These links aren't really super special at all but are interesting nonetheless (does it get any better than a word made up of three smaller words? Isayno!).  Our boys have the Magic tonight where we can hope to continue the recent success of #missionwtf.  More importantly, did anyone attend the Bulls game on Saturday and get that Andre Iguodala action figure?  I don't really know why I'm so obsessed with it but I'm a sucker for giveaways at sporting events (can you call a Sixers game a sporting event or does it classify as a sinking ship show - or a Triple S with the cool kids).

Anyway, link it up and link it out.  Uhhhhh, linkity-doo-dah Dave.

Sixers Have At Least One Positive in Holiday

...if there is a reason for optimism, it is because of the play and the future of the UCLA product whom the Sixers took with the 17th pick last season.

...remember, when the Sixers chose Holiday with that pick last June, many had been clamoring for the point guard who was taken 18th - North Carolina's Ty Lawson. Funny how that talk has quieted down. one position probably won't need tinkering, thanks to last year's 17th pick.

*Same Article* Speights Likes Food, Not Work

While he missed six games due to a sprained right knee, Sixers center/forward Marreese Speights didn't appear to miss many meals. He has noticeably put on a few pounds, which really didn't surprise Eddie Jordan.

"Whether you're our age or an athlete, you have to discipline yourself from going to the refrigerator at 1 in the morning," the coach said.

More Eddie Jordan Weird Lineup Discussion

Does he feel he has tried everything with this group of guys? "Well, I think they are doing what we want them to do, just not at the level you would like for us to do it," Jordan said.  

"That is what you want to do, to get guys to practice hard, and we have prepared them. We just have not done it at the level consistently." 

Top 15 Picks from 2009 Re-Draft; Holiday to Pacers at 13

First off, let's make it known that a lot of these picks are questionable. I'm not sold at all on Rubio (yes, I would rather have Jrue) and I think (along with many execs around the league apparently) that Jrue will get much better over the years and could end up being the best point guard out of that draft. Jrue's upside is why I would have him over Ty Lawson, Dejuan Blair, and Marcus Thornton. scout said that while Tyreke Evans will likely be the best guard in this draft class as of now, eventually Jrue Holiday will be considered the best point guard of the class.

With good size for a point guard and a ball hawking mentality on defense, Jrue Holiday has great potential because he is only nineteen years old. He is smart and sees the floor well, making everyone around him better.

Draft Could Be Loaded This Year; Draftees Fear of 2011

If you wait until 2011, you may not get paid until 2012.

The sense among NBA insiders is that the issue with a potential 2011-12 lockout is not whether it can be averted, but rather how long it might last. A full season certainly is not out of the question.

Further, by not getting into the league next season, their "rookie clock" also could be reset for an additional season by a lockout, delaying the ability to move off the rookie scale and into free agency or an extension.

Sixers are the Step-child of Ed Snider?

"It’s no secret in Philadelphia that between his two sports franchises, Snider’s favorite son is the Flyers and the 76ers come in a distant second."

...Snider favors the Flyers because he has more to do with the creation of them than the Sixers. He just wishes that Snider would show the Sixers some love and care, and help them avoid a second consecutive unwatchable season.

More Elton Brand Playing Time Quotes

"It’s not my call. I’m not saying, 'Hey, let me play 17 minutes.' It’s maybe medical with someone else, but I’m ready."

"I guess (it was) a little foul trouble or something," said Brand, who finished with four personals.  "Just (Friday) night I had 17 in the first half in a game late in the season. Whenever the opportunity knocks and I get out there, I’m going to do what I need to do."  

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Jordan Sams Attempts to Jump Through a Basketball Hoop

I'm not exactly sure why he felt this was a good idea but whatever.