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Bulls 96 Sixers 84

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Box Score

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Sixers lose, gain some ground in lottery standings, and finish crucial week 1-3. 0-4 would've been nice, but the Harris-less, Yi-less Nets were just too bad to lose to. Now on to the "easy" part of the schedule. Next 5: Magic, @Bucks, Hawks, Thunder, @Bobcats. A win against any of those 5 opponents would be devastating. Here are the updated lottery standings: 

Lottery Team Record GB
10 Clippers 26-43 4
9 Knicks 25-44 3
8 Sixers 24-46 1.5
7 Kings 23-46 1
6 Pistons 23-46 1
5 Pacers 23-46 1
4 Wizards 21-46 --









Rejoice Sixers fans - only 12 more games of this.

I'll update this with some bullet points later.

Next game is Monday against the Magic.


  • I promised a few bullet points so here you go.
  • I updated the picture on this post. Check it out. They called a foul on Sammy right there.
  • Jrue Holiday had another mixed game. He dropped the first double-double of his career, scoring 10 and grabbing 10 boards - very Rajon Rondoeque. His jumper wasn't as wet tonight, which was weird to see, since it's been automatic lately. He played okay defense. I thought his aggressiveness hurt him a couple times tonight. He had two plays in particular which really impressed tonight. The first, he drove to the basket, into a crowd of people, and somehow snuck a no-look, wrap-around pass to Sammy D for the slam. You know it had to be a superb pass for Sammy to catch-and-finish in traffic. The second play was a drive to the hoop on D-Rose and a nasty finish. He took D-Rose off the dribble, went up, hung in the air, maneuvered himself mid-air to avoid a flying Taj Gibson, and finished lefty on a reverse layup.
  • M16 finished with 17 points and a career-high 11 rebounds. He still doesn't look healthy to me, and honestly I didn't think he played as well as his numbers showed.
  • Andre Iguodala's shot selection was pure garbage tonight - once again. He better get this habit of jacking up contested jumper after contested jumper out of his system now, because the Sixers can't win when he plays like this in the future. I suggest a Josh Smith-type transformation where he stops taking threes all together, and limits his jumpers. He'd be shooting 47 percent this season - as opposed to 42 - if he stopped taking three pointers. Josh Smith cut down the percentage of shots which were jumpers (47%) last year, to 37% this year. Iguodala has done the opposite by increasing by 10% (64 to 74). Coincidence that one took a step forward and the other a step back? No way.
  • Jodie Meeks was 2-8 and missed one shot by about 13 feet I believe. #meeksdynasty