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Bulls @ Sixers game thread

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Update: Noah says he'll play. VDN says if he does, it'll only be a couple minutes.

Update 2: Rose playing.

I was going to say that tonight's game is a must-lose, but who are we kidding, every game from here on out is a must-lose.

The Sixers are coming off a huge loss against the Knicks, but face another tough task tonight - taking on the Deng-less, Noah-less, and possibly Rose-less Bulls. Both teams are playing the second of a back-to-back, and the Bulls are riding a 10-game losing streak (ouch). Derrick Rose is a game-time decision with a sprained left wrist.

I think the Sixers only hope of losing this game is if D-Rose plays. But I didn't think they could lose to the Knicks without Lee/Chandler or the Pacers without Granger, so hey, it could happen.

The Sixers are the only lottery team of note in action tonight, so take it as an opportunity to gain ground on everybody - or lose ground. Unfortunately they didn't get any help last night. Brandon Roy dagger'd the Wizards at the buzzer and the Kings blew a 4th-quarter lead to the Bucks plus lost Tyreke Evans for a week with a bruised jaw.

Enjoy the game. Enjoy your bracket. Enjoy blowing bubbles in your chocolate milk.

Go Sixers!

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