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Liberty Ballers March Madness Pool Standings: Round 1

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My name is highlighted because I'm the coolest.
My name is highlighted because I'm the coolest.

Round Uno is over and it's time to check out who is permitted to talk as much trash as they want.  If your name is Adam Tupitza, please take a bow (and my hand in marriage?).  With 27 of the first 32 games correct you are in first by 3 games over a plethora (or 6) of first losers (if you ain't first, you're last!).  If you are reading this Mr. Tupitza, lets us know what your blog identity is so we can put an avatar with your name.  And it's not just Adam that can do that, you all can (I'm a fan of equal opportunity!).  Just drop what your name is in the comment section if you please.

Hanging out in second place we have the high and mighty Derek, the Dartmouth school-boy Saul, the Prime Minister of Bismark Scott of Ridiculous Upside, Eric "Works Like a Beaver" Weaver, Nick "The Quick" Smith, and the haiku poet himself TAFKA Mike Bourn.

Our leader Jordan is chillin near the bottom with me and Ben16.  That's where the real party is at, no need to ask Jagged Edge and Nelly.

Everybody is still in good shape as nobody's natty champion has been ousted yet (you're lucky Courtenay Paulin).  More games today and tomorrow folks.  Here's to hoping the Australians at St. Mary's can upset Nova so it makes it easier for the swaggered out names at Baylor to reach the Final Four.