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Sixers lose battle, win war

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Box Score

Posting and Toasting

You know the story - Losses > Wins right now. The Sixers lost the game, but gained an extra ping pong ball or two in the process. Plus, Jrue Holiday continues to develop. Everyone's a winner. Rejoice. Recap on its way. In the mean time buy one of these shirts


  • It's getting really tough to root against my team night-in and night-out, but we all know it's for the best. The future of the franchise is at stake. I could easily lie and say that I'm rooting for them to win, but that would be, well, a lie. 
  • Jrue Holiday had another mixed game in my eyes. He did some good things, he did some bad things - which is to be expected from a 19 year-old rookie. I have to keep reminding myself that he's only 19, because I expect a lot out of him. When his feet are set, his jumper is almost automatic. But when he's creating off the dribble (which I only remember seeing once tonight) his jumper needs work. More positives from Jrue tonight: his on-ball defense (pestered ball-handlers all night), his post-defense (in limited action), he had a couple nice drives/finishes at the basket, and his rebounding (all over the place, ripping boards from people, diving on floor for boards, etc.) Negatives from Jrue tonight: seems to have trouble going over/under screens, and two horrific turnovers/lack of shot clock awareness helped cost his team the game. 
  • Besides a couple steals and one-man fast breaks I thought Iguodala was bad tonight. He continues to have terrible shot selection. He also had a crucial turnover and aired a three down the stretch. 
  • Lou-Will had a nice offensive showing off the bench. 21 minutes, 14 points (3-6, 0-1, 8-9) , 3 assists, 2 rebounds, and 0 turnovers. He attacked the rim at will tonight, and as someone who was rooting for a Sixers loss, he frustrated the crap out of me tonight. 
  • Speights and Meeks both played 4+ minutes and did nothing. Why Speights is playing at this point in the season is beyond me. He hasn't been healthy since his first injury, back in December (?) and the Sixers are playing for nothing but losses. Whoever's decision it was for M16 to lace 'em up should not be able to fill out a bracket next year.
  • As expected, the Pistons/Pacers game ended with one team winning (the Pacers), meaning the Sixers gained ground on both the Knicks and the Pacers tonight. The Wizards and Kings are both in tight games now as well, so keep an eye on them throughout the night.
  • Another big must-lose tomorrow night against the struggling Bulls. The Bulls have been without Noah, Deng and Rose for a while and are playing like one of the worst teams in the league. Hopefully they get Rose back for tomorrow's game. After tomorrow we're back to playing good teams. Let's get out of this week with 3 losses baby!