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Sixers @ Knicks game thread

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Another must-lose game tonight. It's a rematch of Monday's loss against the Knicks, except this time it's in their place. Fortunately, the Sixers win over the Nets didn't hurt the them too much in the lottery standings. I can't say the same if they win tonight - it's a critical match-up against another lottery opponent.

Lottery Team Record GB
10 Clippers 26-43 3.5
9 Knicks 24-44 2
8 Sixers 24-44 2
7 Pistons 23-45 1
6 Kings 23-45 1
5 Wizards 21-45 --
4 Pacers 22-46 --

There are also some winnable games for our competition tonight. The Kings host the Bucks and the Pacers and Pistons meet in Indiana. If the Sixers lose they're guaranteed to gain ground on either the Pistons or the Pacers.

Go Sixers!

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