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Friday Sixers Links: More Intense Than a Gus Johnson-called Game

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"I challenge you to get more excited about a game than I do."
"I challenge you to get more excited about a game than I do."

Day 2 of the madness.  I turn on my TV and I am graced with Gus Johnson's voice assuring me that it would be a good day.  And guess what!  We get to cheer on the Sixers to lose tonight to the Kincks.  #tankalicious.  There's some decent links to give you guys this fine Friday including more Eddie Jordan saying that he had a long term plan when he got hired by the Sixers.  I'm not exaclty sure what it was but he said it so it must be true.  Do not doubt Eddie.

Best of luck once again to everybody with their brackets.  Mine took a hit yesterday but we still got 15 Sweet Sixteen teams left and all Elite Eight.  Enjoy the links and most importantly, enjoy Gus Johnson.

Eddie Jordan Not Giving Up, Talks About "Long-Term Plan"


"We made decisions in the summer to allow our young core group to develop through playing."

"There's no big picture in Philadelphia. It's win on a nightly basis or you hear it from a lot of people," said Jordan. "That's OK. I understand where we are. ... I'm a hardened NBA veteran. The negative doesn't bother me at all, as long as I can go home to my family and they're not beating me up, too."

Peter Vecsey's Close Source Says Expect 76ers to Call Jay Wright

Sources say the 76ers approached him a summer or two ago, but advances were rejected. Guaranteed, they will come calling again, as well as intensify their interest, in mid-April immediately after Eddie Jordan is fired, a conclusion no longer in doubt, I'm assured by a Philadelphian with a strong pulse on everything 76er-related.

Eddie Says Don't Compare This Year's Team to Last Year's; Willie Says Do It

"It's sort of lost in all the expectations - this is not last year's team," said Jordan after the win over New Jersey. "This is a different, young team. You gauge a team by what this team does, not what last year's team does."

Asked about the differences from a year ago to this season, Willie Green said, "I think it's the same team. Obviously, we're not playing as well as last year's team."

Michael Jordan Will Not Stop Larry Brown If He Wants to Return to Philadelphia

What if coach Larry Brown, with two years remaining on his contract, asked to leave because his family is still living in the Philadelphia suburbs?

''I don't want Larry to leave,'' Jordan told the Charlotte Observer after a press conference, his first as the official owner of the team. "I'd like to keep Larry here. But I totally understand his relationship, with what he feels from a husband-wife scenario."

Magic Doesn't Remember Philadelphia Being Like This

What a world. Johnson admitted this was not the Philadelphia, with an announced attendance of 11,618, he remembered.

"One thing we do know is, that if they do provide a winner, the people will come out and support it. It's a rabid basketball [city]."

Andre Miller On Why Sixers Did Not Re-Sign Him, Says it was not His Age

"I just don't think they had the money," said Miller, who then shifted into a complaint about ageism in general.

"There are a lot of older guards. I don't know why they continue to talk about my age when I don't play at my age. I guess they don't have anything else to talk about."

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: The Pistons Go All Out for Fans if a Player Records a Triple-Double

if a Pistons player posts a triple-double during the game, print out the box score from your local newspaper (or from the Pistons page on Fox Sports Detroit), take it to your local Arby's-those that are participating in the promotion-and get yourself... a free small curly fries!

Whoa! Chill out, Arby's. Free small curly fries? That's pretty generous. There's got to be at least fifteen spiralled potatoes in each one. You don't want to go bankrupt.