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Your Philadelphia 76ers Punt Babies, Chew Gum, and Beat the Nets

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We won.  Discuss what ways you plan on injuring yourself after this mortifying victory while I type up sum'in clevah for the recap.

108-97 and back to 20 games under .500


Well, that's disheartening.  I'm currently watching Postgame Live with a white guy that isn't Marshall Harris and Donyell Marshall, who always sounds like he's drunk.  Eddie just said he thought there may have been a "magic touch" tonight. Yeah, I'm pretty sure beating the Nets is magical.  He also just said "package" about 15 times in one sentence.  Unless he's R. Kelly, I don't think that's ok. 

I'm gonna hit you up with some bullet points because I haven't done it in a while and Donyell's voice is putting me to sleep and/or wishing I was tippin back some.

  • If you didn't watch tonight's game, congratulations.  Watch an episode of Supernanny and it will evoke the same general reaction out of you.  Each possession for both teams
  • Check out the Louis Williams interview (can't find a link), he sounds so frustrated and fed up with the season.  After he was told he'd be coming off the bench tonight, he complained about lack of consistency and how the year hasn't gone well.  That's news to us on the site, I've been pleasantly surprised with consistency and the team's play.  He ended up with an Eddie House 11 points, providing energy and not much else to a team that doesn't need him. Mmkay.
  • Jrue Holiday is good at basketball.  Similar to the stats from the Knicks game, however, I'm not gonna get on my knees for anybody for putting up some decent numbers against the Nets. The Nets. But I can pat Jrue on the head for playing well and there's nothing you can do about it.  19-7-7 on 8 of 11 shooting and just one turnover.  Keyon Dooling and Courtney Lee couldn't stay with him, and didn't particularly try.  The media asked everybody how impressed they were with Jrue, and got Domonic Brown-like reactions from them, so his likability is another piece of good news to go with his lovely rookie year.  On the offensive end, he's really working on his spin move to get by guys in game action.  One thing that's hindering him is dribbling into traffic and coughing it up a bit too much, although it didn't happen tonight because the Nets were doing their best impression of Scott Schroeder defense.  I don't think it's absurd to think Jrue can be a capable starter on both ends next season, when we will presumably be an actual basketball team.  +18 for him on the night.
  • A key to this game was Andre Iguodala taking the ball to the basket.  He didn't shoot any three's tonight and while he claimed it wasn't a conscious decision, I believe someone got to him and told him to play to his strengths.  At least that's what I would say.  20 points on 14 shots with 8 dimes and a bunch of orchestrating fast breaks.  While Chris-Douglas-Roberts-got-the-best-of-him (enough hyphens CDR?) to the tune of 23 crafty points (have I mentioned he's crafty?), he held Terrence Williams to 4-16 shooting.  In this post game interview, he said "I'm just trying to play 82." I can definitely respect it, and feel bad for a player so talented that has to deal with a team this awful, but then I remember he's in the NBA and stop feeling bad.  Still hope he gets traded in the offseason with Brand.
  • Nice game out of Rodney Carney, who hasn't done much of anything this year.  11 points on just 2-3 shooting and 5 rebounds in 14 minutes.  His athleticism is really otherworldly, he just hasn't been able to refine his game to the point where he's decent at anything but being the wing on a fast break.  I don't think he's back next season. 
  • Another solid game from Samuel Dalembert, who continues to put together his most consistent season of his enigmatic career.  10 points, 9 boards, and 5 controlled blocks and not nearly as many stupid plays this season as he's averaged the rest of his life.  He kept Brook Lopez in check, and although I still think the front office will be looking to move him this offseason, Sammy has been one of few great stories in this long, long season.  Whatever happens, at least his value has gone up and he seems like he may have matured.
  • The Nets are 7-61. If they don't get a top 3 pick, Kiki Vandeweghe will single-handedly murder the lotteryballpickerguydude.  As long as we get in there, I'll be down like a clown Charlie Brown.
  • Modie Jeeks got in the game despite not ever being up 30.  I can therefore assume that everything Eddie Jordan has said is a lie.  He got a point.
  • The Sixers shot 56% from the field compared to 41% for New Jersey and STILL only won by 11.  Maybe if Francisco Elson got some PT, things would be different.  I'm his biggest fan.
  • Josh Boone's ugliness continues to amaze me.  But it's okay because prettyboy Kris Humphries makes up for it, second only to Joe Mauer of Minnesota-born aff-letes.
  • First round of March Madness action starts tomorrow at noon. Last chance to sign up! Password still ricko.  I'm literally DVRing the entire day of college basketball tomorrow because I'll be in NYC interviewing for things that are much less important than the day 1 of the tournament. Damn you future mike!

I hate winning.  Knicks on Friday, gotta get that loss loss loss, that future loss loss loss, give it to me.

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