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Nets @ Sixers game thread

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Update: Lou is playing.

Tonight's game could have an enormous impact on the Sixers' future. With 15 games remaining and the 4-10 lottery spots separated by a total of 3 games, every loss is crucial. One loss could be the difference between drafting a role player and drafting the face of your franchise. One loss could be the difference between 10 years of mediocrity and 10 years of championship contention. One loss, could be the difference ...

That's where tonight's game comes in. Of the 15 games remaining for the Sixers, tonight's is easily the most winnable. They face the league's worst team (maybe of all-time), at home, fully rested -- while the Nets play the second of a back-to-back, without their best player (Devin Harris). All signs point to a Sixers win, but wait.

Check out the three games the Sixers and Nets have played this year:

Sixers 82 Nets 79

Sixers 97 Nets 94

Sixers 83 Nets 79

For whatever reason, the Nets play the Sixers tough -- with only 10 total points separating them this season. All three games were without Devin Harris. Note: The Nets also went 4-0 against the Sixers last year.

And more good news for our tanking dreams: It looks like the Sixers be without Thaddeus, M16 and Lou Williams tonight. I'm really hoping for a Green, Meeks, Carney, Kapono, Smith lineup at some point.

I don't know if you guys have any superstitions, but if you do, please bust 'em out for this game! We need a loss, badly.

Go Sixers!

Bonus: Here are the chances teams 4-10 in the lottery have at landing a top 3 pick (WTF):

4th - 38%

5th - 29%

6th - 22%

7th - 15%

8th - 10%

9th - 6%

10th - 4%