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Link Me Baby One More Time

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Will Mark Jackson and his tight shorts coach the Sixers next year?  Phil Jasner says why not.
Will Mark Jackson and his tight shorts coach the Sixers next year? Phil Jasner says why not.

Is there any better way to start the day with a Britney Spears reference?  If there is, I've never experienced it.  Fresh back from a job (or is it pronounced yob - like a soft j?) interview and I'm ready to be stronger than yesterday.  The game yesterday was less entertaining than Drive Me Crazy starring Vincent Chase Adrian Grenier except if you solely concentrated on Jay-Rue (or wanted the dance team poster - ladies, I'm a slave for you).  No run-on sentences for you guys from me, don't want to cause any nose bleeds or head trauma.  I'll lead that task up to Mikey B and the Funky Bunch because that's my prerogative.  I'm just rambling on now and I have no idea why.  I must have been exposed to something toxic but I'll hit you up with some links anyway because I was born to make you happy.  Womanizer.

Phil Jasner Wants New Blood As Head Coach, No Retreads

Mike Budenholzer is Gregg Popovich's top assistant in San Antonio and was a finalist for the Phoenix job a couple of years ago.  I know a lot of people view NBA TV analyst Eric Snow as arrogant and as a guy who has never lost a debate, but he was also a terrific intermediary between the incredibly strong personalities of Larry Brown and Allen Iverson, and was the only player who had any level of control of Iverson. At least hear him out.

People in Portland rave about Monty Williams and onetime Temple assistant Dean Demopoulos. See what Mark Jackson, the TV analyst, has to say.

Lou Diagnosed with Lower Back Spasms

According to Sixers officials, Williams' back problem had been lingering and was exacerbated yesterday afternoon.

*Same Article* According to Eddie, Jodie Meeks Does Not Have a Good Shot at Playing Again

"It's going to be hard for him to get a real comfort level and we're trying to win a game," Jordan said. "When we're up 30, he'll play a lot more."

Elton Brand Not Confident that Sixers Have an Identity

"When you play a team that shoots a lot of three-pointers, you kind of fall into that trap," Brand said. "I think we did a little bit too much of that in the third quarter and they caught up really fast because that's their style of play. We have to figure out what ours is."

*Same Article* Thaddeus Young's Thumb Hurts

Forward Thaddeus Young cracked the nail on his right thumb in the first quarter, but returned and started the second half. He reopened the wound early in the third quarter, leaving a trail of blood which caused about a 5-minute delay.

Rodney Carney Has No Faith in Tanking, Kelly Dwyer Does (yes, I know Mikey B posted it yesterday but it's a valuable link)

Everyone tanks, and there's nothing wrong with that. This league is designed around the idea that teams have to develop at their own rate and only truly get great once much of one team's core hits their prime at the same time.

Silly Sir Charles Barkley Pictures

Some of the photos in the collection were in a post a long, long, long while back but this album has a few more, including one that looks like Charles inspecting an official for lice.

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day, Part I: Chris Paul, Filmmaker

I guess being injured gives you a lot of free time.

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day (AND EXTREMEMLY IMPORTANT), Part II: NBA Jam 2010 Trailer Released!

If you don't like NBA Jam, there's something wrong with you!  I'll take the Orlando Magic tandem of Penny Hardaway, Nick Anderson, and Horace Grant.