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Knicks @ Sixers game thread

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Mike Bourn is running late. He's just now leaving Tyrone Hill's house. They were recording a song for their new album, 'Rone and Me - in stores April 20, 2010. Or he's just stuck in NYC traffic; I can't remember.

Anyway, this is one of the most important games of the season for the Sixers - a rare must lose. Losing is the only chance the Sixers have at WTF (Wall, Turner, Favors). The good news is, the Knicks aren't tanking because their pick is owned by the Jazz. But according to Rodney Carney, the Sixers aren't tanking either. Wink, wink. I think you fooled 'em RC.

I predict the Sixers win this one and shatter my dreams in the process, but a little back-and-forth via Twitter with my boy, bandwagonknick gave me a glimmer of hope. He reminded me that the reason the Knicks won their last match-up with the Sixers was because they went to a "college-zone" and forced the Sixers to shoot from the outside. I don't see why that wouldn't work again, and since D'Antoni seems to know what he's doing, I expect he'll do just that.

Plus, Bill Walker owns.

Update: No Lou Williams (back spasms) or M16 tonight (knee).

Go Sixers!

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