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D-Wade is Good, Sixers are Not

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Going into the game we know what is wrong with this team, what we have to look forward to in the future, and that we need to lose as many games as possible to get more ping-pong balls (no we are not playing beer pong).  As entertaining as the game was on Friday, this one was just as much a dud.  The Heat had control of the game from the get go and controlled it throughout.  The closest the Sixers got to being competitive was at the end of the 3rd quarter when Andre nailed a fadeaway before the buzzer to cut the deficit to five.  The Sixers turned right back into the Sixers making only one field goal in the first four and half minutes of the fourth.  The Heat took advantage and posted a 14-3 run in that time without Wade on the floor.

Some Notes from the Game:

  • Jrue Holiday started the game on Q Richardson - he was going under screens nonchalantly and giving Q open threes - soon switched to D-Wade (tough to evaluate his defense on Wade because nobody can really stop him) - gave way to much room to Carlos Arroyo in the second half which allowed him to get pull of jumpers without contest - the boy is straight cash homie from long range hitting all four of his attempts - seemed to lag off the ball concentrating more on who has the ball than staying with his man
  • More on Jrue (can you tell who I paid most attention to during this game?) - the court vision was there and it was spectacular; especially on a first half fast break where he found Andre on a half court bounce pass that lead to an Iguodala slam - when Heat went to a zone, he split the defenders on a gorgeous find to Thad in the middle for a floater - got into the lane extensively, many times looking to pass rather than draw a foul or pull up - one instant he drove and drew the double-team immediately finding Sammy for an oop
  • Thaddeus Young had a nasty box-out on Udonis Haslem, I thought I would never see the day (maybe he does have the ability) - couldn't grasp the concept of getting a hand up on perimeter shooters allowing clean looks for the Heat - struggled on pick and roll situations when he was at the 4; of note, Haslem set a screen for Mario Chalmers and instead of showing on Chalmers, he ole'd and allowed Mario to easily get to the bucket - still has some sweet shoes (no black but still sweet)
  • Jodie Meeks played 9 minutes and air-balled his only shot attempt
  • The Heat went to a zone midway through the first half and were content with Sixers jacking up threes - Sixers did a pretty nice job with this hitting 11 of 24 but gave up on the inside game - early on Elton Brand got the ball down low on the first 4 possessions (two fg's and drew a foul)
  • Jason Kapono started the second half over Lou Williams - my only guess as to why is in an attempt to break the zone with an outside threat? your guess is as good as mine - he took the second most shots (one behind Iguodala) and hit his first threes of 2010 - to quote the great @derekbodner "Jason Kapono's hustle stats: 1 rebound, no assists, no steals, no blocks" - when the big story out of the game is that Kapono got 25 minutes and took 14 shots, chances are you lost
  • Andre Iguodala had pretty solid numbers getting 15 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists but on 15 shots and 5 points from the line; not exactly efficient scoring - kept settling for pull-up jumpers rather than taking it to the basket and getting fouled (when he did drive, he got fouled or finished the majority of the time)
  • Dwyane Wade is extremely good - if somebody ever tells you NBA players don't try, show them a tape of D-Wade - he abused everyone who attempted to guard him, ran the break to a T, was aggressive on defense generating 5 steals, got through double teams easier than the Situation on a Saturday night (hey-oooo!!!), and was unstoppable in the P&R
  • Sam Dalembert's biggest contribution was getting elbowed above the neck (never showed it but host of SportsNite said that's what occurred) leading to Jeramaine O'Neal's ejection.
  • Jordan's boy Joel Anthony started
  • Marreese Speights' dress attire was subpar
  • Billy-Bob Green got 0 minutes tonight.  Maybe Eddie read Kate Fagan's latest column?
Well that does it for me in my first Game Recap.  Please be kind.  I'm still pissed about Maryland being in the hardest bracket.  Next game is tomorrow at the Wach against the "I Hope We Get Lebron Cuz We're Screwed If We Don'ts".  I'll be in attendance booing like crazy when they announce Eddie Jordan as the coach (once again, only in title).