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Sixers @ Heat - Selection Sunday? More Like Selection FUNDAY!

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Though I'm writing this the day before, it is not hampering my rectum-tightening excitement for this game Selection Sunday. Joy, heartbreak, excitement, pain.... it's like seeing the opera performed by Greg Gumbel. For free! I plan on filling out my own bracket before the Selection Committee comes out with theirs, so we'll see how I do compared to ol' Joe. I recommend @DerekBodner does the same so we can compare penis size after the fact. Also, join our Liberty Ballers March Madness Pool For Pride (LBMMPFP) at CBS Sportsline.

What'd you say? Oh this is a Sixers blog? I had no idea.

Sixers/Heat. I predict a huge loss in light of how well (well?) they played against the Cavs. Still impressed by 'Dre and hope he brings it again tonight, but I think the letdown of losing to LeBron despite Cleveland's lack of effort will result in another ping pong ball. By the time you see this (I'm going all visionary here, don't piss yourself douchebags Lost fans <-- sbnation better not "expletive" that, I was referencing the cleansing device), the Wizards, Pistons, and Knicks will have beaten the Magic, Hawks, and Mavs (respectively). And tonight (tomorrow for me) Indiana is at Milwaukee and Sacramento hosts Minnesota!!! That's like money in the bank (Tanner whatchu drank?).

(NEXT DAY UPDATE: Some of these things happened. Oh and Tanner's got the recap tonight, treat him nice and click on his linkies)

Eh-knee-way, go Heat, go college basketball, and go Jay Bilas's comments about everybody's tremendous wingspan.