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Saturday Sixers Link Fix

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Not a lot of hard-hitting links today but we must press on (see what I did there? press.... like the media... and I'm giving you media links).  More college hoops on today so there's time to catch some prospects.  Greg Monroe is in the Big East Championship tonight along with Devin Ebanks (9 PM ESPN).  Derrick Favors and his ability to shoot after the shot clock goes off and still have the basket count (bitter much?) plays NC State at 3:30 on ESPN2.  John Wall and UK are puttin a hurtin on Tennessee as I type.  Cole Aldrich and X Henry play at 6 in the Big 12 Championship on ESPN.  Good basketball today.  Check it out.  On to the links.

Tom Moore Says Expect To See EJ Until April

Comcast-Spectacor COO Peter Luukko said Friday that chances are "not good" Sixers coach Eddie Jordan will be fired this weekend.

Game was Entertaining; Ending Came According to Script

...the roles were played as scripted. The Cavaliers made all the defensive plays down the stretch. The Sixers became, well, the Sixers. Turnovers. Airballs. No-hope threes. Missed free throws. All the things bad teams do at critical moments even on good nights. 

Last Night Certainly Had Plenty of Highlight Moments: Check Em Out


Zumoff Tells Fans What to Expect for Remainder of Season; Toots Pinckney's Horn’s what you, the fan, can look for. Ed and I will be analyzing the roster, as Sixers management will be doing as well, to determine how individual players are developing while projecting into their future. Ed is especially good at breaking things down to the fundamentals, having been a former player and assistant coach. 

Meet Me in the Sixers Locker Room, It's Goin Down

SAS recently made even more of Allen Iverson's troubles public with this column a few days ago. An anonymous NBA player recently told ESPN this about the situation:

"One of my NBA friends in Philly says a bunch of Sixers can't wait for Stephen A. to show up in their locker room so they can have words with him."

Larry Brown Continues his Quest to make the Bobcats the Old Sixers

Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer is reporting that the Bobcats have signed (Larry) Hughes for the remainder of the season

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Don't Put Weed There

Former Jazz center Robert Whaley was arrested in Salt Lake City yesterday and jailers found marijuana "between his buttocks." Apparently we'll see how he does on the prison playground league now.