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Sixers Links on a College Ball Filled Friday

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Happy Friday to all my peeps out there.  Especially the marshmallow ones.  I'm pumpin out today's links pretty quickly because I'm driving back home to the great city of Allentown from Maryland for Spring Break (wow I'm lame).  Enjoy the links for today and get used to them; I'll be dishin these out about every day or so Johnny Stockton style.

And if this team frustrates you too much, there's some money college hoops today so you can get yourself familiar with some draft prospects (or just see competitive basketball which you won't get from the Sixers).  Big East and Big 12 tourneys are in the Semifinal stage and the ACC is starting the quarterfinals today (Maryland vs. Georgia Tech 7 PM ESPN2).  Read 'em, but most importantly check out the conference tournaments.

Comcast to Make Decision about Eddie Soon

In the next few days, they will either fire coach Eddie Jordan or step back and wait until the season ends.

*Same Article* Apparently Larry Brown is still running this franchise

Brown told Snider to keep Jordan, play the young guys, and make the necessary changes in April, the source said.

*Same Article*  64 Games Into the Season and We Still Don't Have A Plan

According to other sources, the organization is weighing two schools of thought:

Keeping Jordan through the season and demanding that he give more playing time to younger players such as Jodie MeeksJason SmithJrue Holiday, and Thaddeus Young.

Firing Jordan immediately, allowing time for an interim coach to evaluate the younger talent and restore some semblance of order to the season.

Speakin of Larry, He is Very Intrigued by this Roster.  Coincidence?

"They've had phenomenal drafts and they're in a good situation financially. I don't think they're very far away," Brown said. "I know what kind of owner (they) have, I know the fans are as good as any. I look at their roster and I see the chance for improvement very quickly."

Maybe all that was idle reminiscing, but I couldn't help but think how much Brown misses his wife and kids, back in Philadelphia all winter. Never know what might percolate.

Bob Cooney is Looney: Keep Eddie Jordan For Another Year?

If you bring in another coach, like any of the ones mentioned above, you will pay a pretty large salary. Plus, you still must pay the 2 years of Jordan's guaranteed contract.

If you let Jordan stay, and the team plays through next season and the Princeton offense clicks and the team shows monumental improvement, then you have a better dilemma on your hands as far as your coaching position. Plus, you never know how many more possible candidates might emerge between now and then.

Here's a Chance for all the Lou Haters to School Him on the Hardwood

All you need to do is win an auction at the upcoming 27th annual benefit for the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Center and Williams will come to your house and shoot hoops with you in your driveway. Seriously.

Do the Sixers Have a Full-Time Analyst for Advanced Data?  The Wall Street Journal Suggests No.

The Wall Street Journal found that half the league's teams this season have at least one of these statisticians who helps make in-game, draft-day and trade-deadline decisions. Many of these teams are among the NBA's best.

The 15 teams without such analysts have won 40.7% of their games, and only three -- the Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz and Atlanta Hawks -- are on pace to make the postseason.

Me, Jordan, Mike B, and Derek at a Recent Photo Shoot

I sure hope Michael Bourn still has that full beard today.

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Bill Walton Likes Wild Turkey and Kitchens

...the night after winning a title with the Celtics in 1986, Bill Walton spent the night alone, in someone else's kitchen, listening to the Grateful Dead and sipping Wild Turkey.

 Bird awoke the next morning and got up to take a shower, he wasn't sure if he dreamed Bill Walton's visit.  He poked his head into his kitchen and saw the big redhead sitting there, just as he had left him.