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Big Board #20

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The Enigmatic Devin Ebanks, as he is known in the superhero realm, takes the final teen spot on the board. He was the Aaron Rodgers of the Big Board, being introduced in the first couple spots but failing to secure one until now.

Next up is USF junior guard Dominique Jones. While he's viewed primarily as a 2 in college, in order to make it at the pro level, he'll have to come in as a point guard. Otherwise, he'll be relegated to Eddie House territory, coming off the bench for instant offense and a career of 1-year contracts. Sharing a backcourt with senior point guard Chris Howard his whole career has led him to play predominantly off the ball, but if you look at their numbers, Howard's assists have decreased each year since Jones got there, and Dominique's have improved since his freshman year. Right now he doesn't have the IQ or decision-making to play the point consistently, but he's gifted enough to do it if he commits himself. He has passing ability and court vision, it's just a matter of whether or not he can mold himself into a point guard.

Jones is a streaky shooter, shown by his current 2-22 rut from beyond the arc, but he can come on strong when he gets going. He doesn't rise up too high on his shot, and could do with a quicker release. Playing the point guard at the next level will certainly help since his opponent will likely be smaller than him anyway. Right now, he's looking like Rodney Stuckey did coming out of Eastern Washington. Not too athletic, but big and strong for a point guard with limited actual point guard abilities. Even though Stuckey is far from a finished product, at #20, a guy like him would be a steal.

Dom has pretty decent defensive skillz, helped by his endless motor (he's going green) but hurt by his average lateral quickness. He's more of a "head full of steam" guy and typing that just made me realize how odd of an expression that is. Aside from problems going to his left, his handles are good, primarily because he gets so low when he's controlling the ball. And he's a good guy too so that's pretty cool. He's also the best player in South Florida history which isn't saying much unless Kentrell Gransberry's mom is reading this blog.

I just realized that's the least funny thing I've ever posted here. bad? This whole Body thing has me intimidated. You could say I had a "Body image problem" if you get what I'm saying!!?! Ok, we're back. Thank God. Vote or something.

UPDATE: If you wanna read older player profiles, which I'm sure you don't, go here or here