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Thursday's Edition of "Just Fire Him Already"

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COO of Comcast Peter Luukko Denies EJ Dismissal Talks

We have not done any of that. I've had a lot of people telling me things, and I'm getting calls, but we have not made a predetermined decision

Right.  Just like the Cavs and Z didn't have a deal for him to return before they traded him.

*Same Article* Decision nearly came before All-Star Break?

the hottest speculation from one source in the Wachovia Center last night suggested that the plan at that time was to fire Jordan and president/general manager Ed Stefanski and use senior vice president Tony DiLeo in a dual role for the remainder of the season.

Willie Green Provides Valuable Insight Into the Situation

Until further notice, he's the coach

SAS Says EJ and Stefanski Aren't Only Ones to Blame

Make sure to include the man who essentially was responsible for hiring them both: Peter A. Luukko, the president and chief operating officer of Comcast-Spectacor


"Oh, absolutely," Luukko said during last night's game...  "I own some accountability in all of this. We all do."

Eddie Jordan is One With Nature

There's an old poem I read a long time ago about the oak tree. We've been around long enough, done enough diligence that our roots grow deeper than you can see.


More enticing news about the most definitely soon to be firing of Eddie Jordan.  Probably still happens at the end of the season but if it does happen before hand, look for it to be on a Friday afternoon on a day the Sixers don't play.  Teams love to break news (we sprain news here at LB) when media outlets are ready for the weekend.  Brings about less negative attention.

Until then, enjoy the sparkle in Eddie's smile (from the metal of course) because you won't be seeing it for much longer.