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Derek Bodner joins Liberty Ballers

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I'm proud to announce that LB will be adding more talent to our team today. Most of you are probably familiar with his work. He's been one of the Sixers moderators at RealGM, he's the creator of Philly Arena, he co-hosts the weekly podcast, Sixers Beat, and does some work for Draft Express

Ladies and gentlemen, Derek Bodner!

With the addition of DB we hope to accomplish a lot of new and exciting things here at LB, so stay tuned. And don't, worry, TAFKAMB and Tanner will both assume their roles as, um, TAFKAMB and Tanner. As a matter of fact, I think I saw them doing a little rookie hazing this morning. This may or may not be a picture of Derek and John bringing coffee to TAFKAMB's office.

Here's a word from the man himself, Derek Bodner:

 I'll keep this short, as Jordan it up quite nicely. Browsing through the comments in recent days, I recognize many of the names and faces participating in the community. If you're not familiar with my viewpoints on the team, feel free to browse the PhillyArena archive, or just continue reading this site during the coming weeks.

I'd like to thank Jordan for providing me the opportunity to contribute to this community, and I look forward to the challenges ahead as I try to contribute to the outstanding site Jordan and the gang here have built up. If you have any questions, or wish to contact me, you can grab my email from my profile.

Also, follow us on Twitter!

Me - @LibertyBallers

TAFKAMB - @LBMikeBourn

Tanner - @tsteidel

Derek - @derekbodner