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Sixers lose to Magic, Jrue scores career-high, EJ trashes his team

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Update [10:14 PST]: New Lottery Standings added.

Update [9:52 PST]: Check out Kate Fagan's latest article. Some interesting quotes/factoids in there.

Eddie Jordan: 

"We just didn't respond in a passionate way. We lost the passion to compete. We saw some pooor body language and there was a couple of timeouts where we addressed it. And I wasn't going to have it. I addressed it a couple of times; I addressed it just then, just now. It's leadership or lack thereof. It's contagious where misery, just one guy's miserable and it's just contagious throughout the team and we just can't have. Someone has to stand up and try to rally the troops, your teammates. The coaches are certainly trying to do it every timeout, every time we get a chance to. But it doesn't come from the coaches ... We try to address it; we try to get them with some more spirit and some more positive energy. And it's just hard when you don't have that sort of internal leadership."

"They just dominated the game. We were dominated. We were dominated. And whether you're dominated or not, you have to learn how to compete, you have to learn how to rally, you have to learn how to hold your chin up, as individuals, as professionals, you have to learn how to do it. If you've gone through it before, and you went through it again, now is the time you should have learned some lessons and try to get it up. But, obviously, our team hasn't learned it."

Willie Green responds:

"I think that's his opinion and he's entitled to view this team whichever way he wants to."

Andre Iguodala chimes in:

"You start to play the blame game and it really leads to a dead end, it doesn't go anywhere. I'm just going to go out there and keep doing what I've been doing my whole career, which is play basketball the right way."

Eddie Jordan has completely lost this team. They'll continue to lose and he'll continue to blame the players until a change is made.


Here's more encouraging news from Fagan's article:

Elton Brand, who did not play tonight with right Achilles tendinitis, will also not travel to Atlanta for Wednesday's game against the Hawks. Brand ruptured his left Achilles while he was with the Los Angeles Clippers. This current injury was initially being called a right calf strain, but at some point tonight it was changed to Achilles tendinitis.

Uh, no comment.


Well that was a doozy wasn't it? 

Box Score

Orlando Pinstriped Post

  • As of right now the Clippers are beating the Jazz in Utah (82-70). The Sixers might distance themselves another full game from the Clippers and the 10 spot in the lottery. Fingers crossed.
  • Update: Clippers won; here are the new lottery standings:
    Lottery Team Record GB
    10 Clippers 25-35 4.5
    9 Sixers 22-37 2
    8 Wizards 21-36 2
    7 Pistons 21-38 1
    6 Knicks 20-39 --
    5 Pacers 20-39 --
    4 Kings 20-39 --
  • I tracked Lou, Jrue and Andre's individual defense. It'll show up in another post.
  • The only positive to take out of this game was Jrue Holiday. I really enjoyed his career high 23 points on 13 shots. His shot looked sexy (5-6 from three), and even if it was just a one-night NBA Jam "He's on fire!" special, it was fun to watc h. I a lso liked his intensity down to the final second. Jrue seems to be taking a leadership role on the team and he's only 19 -- good sign. The way he conducted himself was encouraging. Unfortunately, his defense wasn't too good.
  • Jason Kapono is now 1-17 (0-12 from three) with 2 points in the year 2010. 
  • Lou Williams had another nice game: 13 points (5-11), 7 assists, 5 rebounds, 0 turnovers. 
  • Marreese Speights looked lost and terrible on both ends of the floor. He couldn't box out. He couldn't defend. He refuses to pass most of the time. He can make a goofy, awkward post shot once in a while, but honestly the only thing he does well is shoot from the perimeter. 
  • Thad has a knack for "turning garbage into gold" © Marc Zumoff. Tonight he grabbed 5 offensive rebounds and finished around the rim on tip-ins and lay-ups.
  • Andre Iguodala was okay tonight: 19 points (6-11), but only 1 rebound, 2 assists and four turnovers. He also played solid defense.
  • Jason Smith was turrible.
  • It's good to have Willie "Good guy" Green back.
  • This is ultimately the best case scenario, right? Nice game from one of the young guys (Jrue) and a loss, earning an extra ping pong or two? Yes. Then why do I feel so bad?